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27 September 2012

Vacation in Autumn Europe

What would you like to visit in Europe? And when? Something like this? I do not agree with you. I would like to visit Europe in autumn because I like autumn generally and autumn in Europe precisely. So, I would like to travel in autumn.

Surfing Pinterest I found some interesting photos and such thoughts filled my head with the mirages of a vacation. I plan a 1-2 days trip in Treviso where I wanted to visit an exhibition of Tibet artifacts that opens on Oct. 20. I was in Turin when there was a similar ( or maybe the same) exhibition. But I will not see annything more except the town, where, by the way, I have never been before.

The only possibility I have to see the European autumn are these photos. It's sad, yes, but this year is so: I did not see the summer for too much work, I even did not swim this summer... Ohhh, it's really bad for me.

Maybe, I will find some days to visit one of these castles at least in winter... In the mean time - enjoy the photos of autumn in Europe.

13 September 2012

I Would Like to Visit this Balancing rock

What do you think about when you hear these words? Balancing rock? What appears the first in your mind? Maybe, those are the interesting examples of the kind of art you can see on the little photo here. I admire the persons who have such a great patience to make these pieces balance. Incredible, of itself.

But I think about the natural enormous rocks that who knows how can balance on one point. Who was the creator of these art works? The God? I do not understand how could they remain in their strange position for centuries.

The first example of such art of the nature was for me Golden Rock (Kyaiktiyo) in Burma. I've seen a documentary how the persons adorned the shrine with gold.
After that, I learned that there are many similar rocks in the nature. You can find many information if you look for "balancing rock" in a search engine.

07 September 2012

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

This is my dream. No, it's really my dream: I wanted to visit Mont Saint Michel.

One blogger wrote me that I lie here, in this blog. I do not tell about the countries I visited personally but about every interesting place in the world. I was surprised. This is a private blog of a normal alive person. it's not a travel magazine and not a travel manual.

The world is big and I can't visit all the world. But I can enjoy the photos of other persons and can dream I would walk there, too.

From other side, do you know what I think now about it? I don't even want to go in this places. I guide persons in Pompei, in other world known tourist objects of Campania in Italy where I live. Do you know that  you have to stand in the line in front of every interesting house in Pompei? There are so many persons walking there that it's difficult to advance long the streets.

Do you know how many persons climb on Vesuvius every day?

So, there is nothing bad that I dream about Mont Saint Michel and other places in my blog, my dear reader. At least, there will remain less footprints.
Source: via Simona on Pinterest
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