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25 May 2011

Traduzioni Su Misura da Tanslia

Cerchi un agenzia di traduzione con servizi professionali e tariffe anche 50% minori per traduzione di testi informali? Translia è quella che stavi cercando. Quà trovi migliore qualità senza -attenzione!- nè tariffe minime nè quantità minima di parole da tradurre. Qualunquè sia il tuo testo, piccolo o grande, basta che inserisci il tuo file nel sistema per ottenere il preventivo immediato. La garanzia di diritti d'autore offerta dall'agenzia ti assicura anche che nessuno può coppiare il tuo file, che puoi controllare l'andamento della traduzione e che la traduzione sarà fatta nello stesso formato che hai caricato.

Translia ha diversi servizi di traduzione che ti danno possibilità di scegliere una tariffa adatta alle tue esigenze: non devi pagare altissima qualità per un testo informale, puoi avere una traduzione fatta da due o più professionisti per un testo non troppo impegnativo a tariffa ridotte di 25% ed, infine, se hai un testo molto importante puoi essere sicuro che ottieni qualità insuperabile grazie all lavoro di diversi migliori traduttori.

Tutti servizi offerti sono traduzioni professionali che saranno eseguite nel tempo prestabilito con la garanzia Soddisfatti o Rimborsati. E se non sei ancora il cliente di Translia, il tuo primo preventivo includerà un buono sconto di benvenuto. I professionisti di Translia sono sicuri che apprezzerai il loro lavoro e diventerai un cliente fisso.

19 May 2011

Cruise is the Perfect Way to Travel

Cruise is an excellent choise for a vacation and Cruise Deals are available online today.One of the leading cruise specialists is Crusie 1st, specialist in Mediterranean, Caribbean and World cruises. The site of Crusie 1st is very easy to use and that is why you can find your destination or the deals that meet your needs just from the first gaze. Infact, the most important news and last updates you can see in the central part of the page.and some of most interesting offers are under this central slide show.

Crusie 1st chooses of the most Cheap Cruises that suit any budget so that every person can allow this great vacation option. Once on board, you have a real relax so as you wish it. It's because you do not think about anything else except entertainment organized your way. On a cruise ship, you can swim in a pool or climb a special wall, you can read a book among thousands titles in the library or make your jogging excercises. There are many night life possibilities and -what will bewitch you- absolutely fantastic cuisine that you can enjoy on any ship of any cruise line.

A vacation on a cruise ship is the best for exploring the marvels of the world without packing and unpacking every day, without changing trains, airplains and busses. Just relax and walk in an other town or country every day. Isn't it your dream about a perfect way to travel?

12 May 2011

Myanmar is Burma

I have many bloggers friends in Asia and probably created a kind of image of that part of the World reading their blogs and looking on their photos. This mental picture did not include people of this ethnic group -first of all because I was sure that this tradition to wear rings to make the neck longer is extinct for long time, at least from the years when I was a girl. But I was wrong. This photo I found in a Russian site, and the author took it not too far ago.

This ethnic group lives in Burma. Yes, in that country that was destroyed by the recent earthquacke, after Japan. The population is not so rich there but I did not hear that somebody wanted to help them or collected money to send them. 

Как я прекрасна и дивна, Как шея у меня длинна..................
«Как я прекрасна и дивна, Как шея у меня длинна..................» на Яндекс.Фотках

03 May 2011

Seychelles Islands

Do you know that there are so many private islands in the warm seas between North and South Americas? I wrote about some of them when I told you about the private islands of the cruise companies ( Vacation on a Private Caribbean Island Easy Guide) Today I heard the notice about the royal Honeymoon on one of the private of Seychelle Islands and decided to see if there are the photos of the Russian users about these islands. Here are some examples.

«Сейшелы» на Яндекс.Фотках

«Сейшелы» на Яндекс.Фотках

«Cейшелы» на Яндекс.Фотках

Even if the Royal family has to pay more than 4000 dollars(?) for night for Honeymoon, we coud perfectly find something more convenient there if we would like to go for a vacation there. There is more beautiful notice: we could have a vacation gratis, too. In fact, the state includes more than 100 islands but only 33 among them have their population. Other islands are desert! Would you like to pass some days on such beautiful sandy beaches? Do it!
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