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23 November 2011

What Affects Premiums of Car Insurance Policy

Vehicle insurance is an important financial system thought to protect every participant of the traffic from damages and liability in case of collision. But the premium can vary considerably. We do not have to take it for granted for simple reason: the premium of a good informed person may save for her great amount of dollars every year because there are so many variables that can affect the premium! Here are some of them to keep your eye on.

You can lower your insurance premium if you take some precautions, first of all. Check your car, instal safety features and devices, take safe-driving courses. It's important not only for insurance companies but is a very important psychological factor for you, too. The feeling that you are brave and have everything and meet the requirements will entail low number of accidents and tickets. The scientifically proved fact is that more collisions and tickets have those persons that just have many of them (accidents and tickets).

Next step is to choose your car insurance where you will obtain interesting price and good discounts. An important thing that not all the drivers remember at the moment they shop for the car insurance is how many years they drive without violations. The number of requested years vary from company to company and can be three or five, for example. So, good driving records and attention to the peculiarities will help you to safe money.

22 November 2011

Italy: Interesting and Unexplored

Italy offers not only beautiful places to visit. There are many and frequent manifestations and exhibitions where you can learn practically anything here, too.

Some days ago I visited one of them, dedicated to the archaeological tourism. They said, it was the last of these manifestations (XIV) and I could not miss it since I am working as a travel agent, as you know.

I wanted to know people that will tell abut their lands. It was very interesting for me. Unfortunatelly, there were not representatives from north Italy but in any case, I could have a great tour of the large part of the country.

Вся Италия

I took everything I could that was exposed there (every tour operator took books and brochures to give to those who is interested in), and now I have half of the house covered with that brochures that I have to systematize. It will be useful not only to answer the questions of the persons that ask me what and where they can visit in Italy. It is very interesting for me, too. Because I love to visit interesting places and to explore this country.

It's very often that I can't find enough information about this or that city or national, archaeological park or something other. I don't like to go somewhere and to discover after the visit that I did not see the main, the most interesting part of it. If I go somewhere, I go to learn the country, to discover it's importance, not to say than to my friends and relatives that "I was there".  It's senseless and too expensive way to throw time and money, you know.

Well, now, when I accumulated all that treasure, I will study these brochures and will organize absolutely unforgettable travels for me and for my clients. And I've just seen some veeery veeeery ... :-)))

12 November 2011

Impressive Mountains

Sud Apennine mountains are very low if we look at them from the part where I live, between Salerno and Naples. They are similar to the hills more than to the mountains. You begin to understand that you are near the mountains when you travel on sud of Salerno. Here you can admire them and the frequent clouds over them, too. It's clear thet the tops of the moountain chains are much more clod than the plains but you understand it when you see the town on the beach caressed by the sunshine and treatening clouds that cover all the area only 4-5 km fare from there.

We were in Battipaglia and Eboli some days ago and I was amazed by the view of the mountains over Salerno how they present from that part. (and the clouds, as you see, do not delude me -I've told you the truth :-) )


But these mountains are very different from Vesuvius, for example, that is formed from the volcanic rock. Here you can see the layers from that our Earth is built. Sometimes they are calm as on this photo, other times they are broken violently. It makes a strange impression: you can see that terrible event with your own eyes if you have some imagination.


The mountains in our zone and in all Campania are not too high, but don't think they are old, low, tired. First of all, they arrive to 1800 (almost...) meter near Avellino and to the south of Salerno. And there are splendid stalactitic grotto there, too!

05 November 2011

Monaco is the November Vacation of my Dreams

Monaco is situated not too far from the place where my friends have their summer flat. When I visited them for the first time about 25 years ago, they wanted to show me all the most interesting places and Monaco was among them. We travelled with the car, and there were the custom barriers in that period. I had the permission to stay only in Italy and could not pass the border, normally. But we found one place where the customs officers did not look at the passes (even if the first time I laid on the seat under the coat).This way we passed every afternoon and evening abroad.


One evening we were near the famous casino of Monaco and wanted to enter inside. Together with the very beautiful women with evening dresses. :-) that went out from Aston Martins cabriolets... Do you think, it was unpossible to enter there? No, we could enter without any problem in the main hall. But it was only a beautiful building... The entrance of the casino was in that main hall. Clearly, we could not enter there without special evening clothes.
Monaco was so beautiful in the daytime and in the evening, and I was so much impressed by it's beauty...I thought, it is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life (betraying my love for Saint Petersburg).
Hotel in Monaco
I would like to visit Monaco once more. But NOW, in this period. Do you know, why? Because they have the most important feast on Nov. 19 and it will be the fireworks show in the evening. They say that those fireworks are the most beautiful in Europe. I would like to see this show...
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