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28 April 2010

Come to Florida All Together

Florida is one of the best places to consider when you plan a vacation this year. There are many reasons to choose it: mild climate, sandy beaches and infinite entertainment possibilities for every age make so that every member of your family or group of friends can find something special and unforgettable coming here. Events studied to satisfy curiosity, desire for relax or, contrary, for adventure allow visitors to experiment every day of their stay here new sides of this incredibly multifaceted region in any season. Whether you wish romantic retirement or happy days with your grandchildren, you will find right solution here. Those who like golf, fishing and different outdoor activities find the best conditions to develop their passions. They can benefit from the advises and help of the champions of this or that pastime or sport having their courses in the dedicated clubs. Special praise excite nightlife possibilities that are fabulous fun and give you great services.

Florida vacation rentals homes and condos offer to the guests all the necessary to their comfortable stay amenities. There are properties meeting every request and desire. Sales and low season's prices make affordable even luxury packages you have dreamed all your life. You even have not to leave your pets home because there are pet friendly solutions here.

Don't hesitate to book and your vacation in Florida. Enjoy this adventure!

27 April 2010

My Vacation in Milan

The first days of April I passed in Milan and Lugano. I continue to describe these days in my new travel blog, and the first post about it was written on April, 14, Great People of Milan. I would like to see you in this blog and to give me maybe some advices because the paid hosting is something completely new for me. Maybe you know interesting plug-ins to add or you know why some of plug-ins do not work there (Feedjit).

Well, general impression? It was GREAT both: infinite busy emperor style city (I was only there, the sessions of the ritrit finished too late to make tourist trips) and the wonderful places round Lugano. Because I lived till 35 in the cities, their frenetic life is my nature. But the Nature and much-much water attracts me irresistible and I feel in Paradise when I visit that place.

So, I invite you to visit my new blog and enjoy photos I made there.

Milano, Italy

20 April 2010

The Roman Ship Museum

The ship museum in Oslo is not the only museum of the ships. One of them you can visit if you have to pass some hours in the airport of Rome, Fiumicino, where you can see the Roman ships. At the beginning it was built for the ships of the Emperor Caligola, found there in 1929. Those were the palaces on the water because the Emperor liked to organize feasts on the water. The 2 ships were burned in 1944 but actually the museum is open and there are many interesting pieces to see there.

This museum (Via Diana, 15, Nemi, Tel/Fax 06 9398040) is open from 9:00 till 18:00

Naval archeology had different successes in the last time in Italy. They found very rare ships not far from Venice, I know. I'll write about it, if I find more information about it.

Арго и золотое руно
«Арго и золотое руно» на Яндекс.Фотках

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo

We have many fantasies about the life in the previous centuries. One of them is the beautiful idea about their homes and trips. Our interpretation of it you can see in the show of "the Celtic Tiger", my new discovery in YouTube. I adore this group and maybe have watched all their shows presented there. This one has a near to me interpretation of the waves (specially at the beginning)

This show remembered me an interesting museum that I would like to visit once: The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Why I think it has to be so interesting? I was in the historical museums in Finland where there are not only things (original or not) that are signs of the life in the past. What I liked much, there were entire scenes presented in that museums. Such presentations are very useful to make the history something "alive" for us.

In Oslo you can see the real ships of the vikings that were brave sailors, traiders, raiders and colonists. You surely know that they had techniques that are not clear for modern scientists.

By the way, in the BBC's Ancient history in-depth/Vikings there is very interesting collection of the articles about Vikings and everything about them.

любимой норвегии посвящается
«любимой норвегии посвящается» на Яндекс.Фотках

07 April 2010

Earn Money With Travelling

Many of us think about an interesting and creative job. The today technology allows us to create this kind of working-place when we can work from home, have many clients from all the countries of the world and, probably, not only pay our bread but travel too. The problem is that may of us do not know how to create this working place. It's clear, we have to learn how this buiseness works. One of the possibilities to find interesting explanations are the article directories with their "eCommerce" categories where you can find interesting information about the sector and the "how-to-s" very easy to understand. Open the article The Internet grows and you can attract more customers that touches one of the most important sides of the internet commerce. If you confront the statistics how many persons use internet every year, you will see that the numbers grow impressively.

Article directorie's exploration allows you to find other possibilities to create your working place if the way of the eCommerce is not for you. Authors of the articles generally come from the sectors of the business they write about. So, if you prefere medicine, you can find expert opinion or suggestions too, like in the article The legislation of Medicare and health providers. Do not underestimate this valid help you can use competely free. Scroll the categories of your interest and articles in them and you will surely find help and stories about personal experiences of those who works in this or that business for many years and knows it from inside.

Some thoughts about things every traveller has to know before he/she leaves the house

This morning I found an interesting article about the 28 things a journalist says would be very happy to know before he began to travel. If they are good for a journalist, I said, they can be good for me too. Here I want to write some words to confirm his observations.

When I go in an other place I normally take real money with me and try to organize everything possible in advance, in internet. In the way that I have to pay only the absolutely neccessary things at the place.

This story began for me with easy-jet flight, when they did not explain the rules to me, and when they did not allow me to enter the airplane because I had not respect those rules. I remained in the street without money because I had only my credit card. And forgot the access number of that card. It was sad. I, customary, cryed, tryed to explain the situation to the stuff, but nobody wanted to listen to me. So, now I know, I have to have enough money to reach my home, if it's necessary.

The other thought I read today was about the police. The author says, you have not think they are your friends because there are many cases when the policemen sell their services to the best bidders.

I never had such situations. At contrary, I always received help from police when I needed it. But I know it is not "normal" situation. It happend to me because I had not serious problems. The persons that had them told me, the policemen were really very bad with them. They did not want to help and created much more obstacles as you had before.

And the last is the thought about the taxies. I know different stories about girls that took the first car they could find -and you know there are many drivers in any airport that meet crowds of the passengers. The same story they tell about the airport in Buenos Aires, for example. Such trips are not health even for the men.

So, I think, going in an other country and in an other place has to learn us responsability. All over the world there are persns that look for "stupids". And think, all the tourists ARE stupid.

Argentinian Tortafritas

The posts about Argetina could not be complete without some Argentinian recipes. Fortunately, a friend of my husband, Jose Luis, sent us some photos how they cook using a special pot. You can read about it in my post Argentinian Recipe. Now he sent us an other use of the same pot. Here you can see the photos. Those are Tortafritas. Sincerely I did not understand is it cheese or bread. In any case it has to be very good, I think. Mmmm... Specially if those are pieces of friesd cheese... I like fried cheeeeeeeesssssss...

Что-то жареное. То ли сыр, то лилепёшки.Тортиллас называется.

Что-то жареное. То ли сыр, то лилепёшки.Тортиллас называется.

06 April 2010

Misiones Argentina: mines of precious stones

This trip would be probably the most breathtaking for the women. To stay between big big "mountains" of precious and semiprecious stones... My God, is it possible? Oh yess, it's perfectly possible if you visit this province of Argentine, Misiones. It's a kind of corner between 3 countries: Argentina, Brasil and Paraguai. There are so many interesting places there, I just wrote about the waterfalls Iguazu. There are interesting ruins of the "town" of Jesuites and -these incredible places. I found this video in YouTube and think it's more clear then all the words.

The Panama Dream Vacation

One of my friends dreamed to visit Panama all her life. Nobody could find a reason for this strange desire but it was the only destination of a travel for her. One day she told us, she spoke with an American about tourism once, and he said her, Panama is the best country of the continent, beautiful and fantastic. There is all you can imagine for an unforgettable vacation.

Chose one of the best Panama hotels for her stay there, my friend began to explore this paradise for tourists. Since there are different landscapes -high mountains and deep valleys, it's possible to meet great variety of exotic birds and animals
there. Special tours allow everybody who likes the nature to enjoy bird watching and wild life. You surely can understand the delight of my friend, when she visited than a little archipelago where known pirates of the XVII century had their base. She did not find the treasures of tose pirates but was in ecstasies to touch the soil related to their history (as for me, to the well known movies).

The most interesting shopping, she said, was near the Panama Canal. It's because there is all the world got together. There were museums and historical buildings to visit too, but she preferred to make tours in the national parks and to enjoy sun and water on the beaches. It could sound strange but there are different national parks in Panama and in one of them the tourists can participate at the life of the Indians. There is even a dormant volcano in one of the parks and it is Panamas highest peak.

Oh, those white sandy beaches, a sweet dream of every citizen of the Europe! Imagine that the water is 24°C all the year round there! Unfortunately my friend had not so many days of vacation, wanted to visit everything possible and could enjoy beaches only some times. At the end of her vacation she was so fortunate to participate on one of the folk festivals that take place some times a year. The vacation in Panama was fantastic.

More Iguazu Waterfalls Photos

Some time ago I just wrote posts where I added photos of the waterfalls of Iguazu seen from the side of Argentina. Those photos were taken by the friend of my husband when he visited the waterfalls with his family. He sent us other photos. They are so beautiful that every heart attracted by Great Water will begin to pump quicker. By the way, do you have this problem too? I like every Great Water: lakes, seas etc etc. I just began to write posts about the greatest lakes of the Earth.



Iguazu Seen From Brasile

I just wrote sonme posts about the waterfalls that are situated between Argentine and Brazile, Iguazu. Here are some photos from the zoo of the birds that you can visit if you have a walk in the Brasilian side of the National Park. Notice an interesting peculiarity: all the birds are near the persaons. I've never seen something like this. Here, in Italy, we have similar birds in the zoos but they are close in their cages -big or little, it's no matter. They are separated from the persons. There you can see the persons that can even touch these birds. I would like to do it too. :0)))

Photos taken by the friend of my husband, Jose Luis





Argentinian Recipe

In our supermarkets it's possible to buy pieces of meat from Argentina now. They cost much more than Italian meats but they are really different. I need about 2 hours to cook a piece of meat from Italy and only 40 minutes if I have equal piece from Argentina. My husband when he comes from Argentina can't think about other than meat he ate there. He says, the taste is completely different.

This time I show you one of the possibilities to cook it. The photos took a friend of my husband. I think it's very clear what they used to cook. I do it more or less the same way. What is interesting for me -I've never seen such a pan for fire.



03 April 2010

Outdoors As Essential Part Of Any Weight Loss Plan

Article Directories are valid resources to find interesting advises and stories about the personal experiences of the persons that had just tested them. We often underestimate different outdoor activities in our life. I liked the article Norwegians go to forest as usual as us go to Square on weekends describing enviable love of the citizens of the North Europe's countries to their nature. I personally could notice it when I was in Finland, where the persons go in the forests to run or to walk (they have special paths with huts etc there). For those who passes the life near computer or in an office, for all us stressed from the life in the cities nature is the best way to forget our depressions observing birds and flowers, fishing or picking mushrooms.

Уральская осень

An other article continues the theme with observation that Exercise are essential ingredient in any weight loss plan. We do not want understand this simple thing -we need to have harmonious relationships with nature to have good health and as consequence normal weight. The good God did not create computers and cities when He gave birth to this world. And this is the main reason why we need nature. It's our home, and we have to stay in touch with it. Sometimes our "stay in touch" means "destroy". It's enough to see the places where we had picnics. I think, we have to do everything possible to change our habits to live this world alive to our children and that our children do not destroy it too.
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