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10 May 2013

Memories of Don Pedro de Toledo in Naples

One of the places I did not visit till the month ago is the part of Naples "dedicated" to don Pedro de Toledo, a viceroy, governed in Naples from 1532 to 1553. I learned some information about that period of the history of Naples but am still not very interested in it even if that period is very important from different points of view. First of all because it's bounded to an other name I'm very interested in: Ferrante (Ferdinando) Sanseverino, the last prince of Salerno. And their king, Emperor Charles V.

For this reason, I was very curious to visit the church San Giacomo degli Spagnoli where there is an exhibition of the pictures and other works of very important artists of that time like Vacarro, Giovanni da Nola etc. Here you can see some photos from that church with the sepulcher of the family (created for don Pedro but since he was dead far from Naples, there are his wife and son buried there).

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