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27 March 2017

The Capital of Ceramics of Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of the most interestng signs of all Amalfi Coast is it's ceramics. You find really beautiful things of every kind, from mini souvenirs to real size cows, in every town and village on your way. The abboundance of the objects of this art is due to the high quality of raw materials like clay and particular sand in the zone.

But the real capital of ceramics is a little town, Vietri Sul Mare. About 2 centures ago the young German artists boosted this art here - and it was a happy invention for the region.

Vietri Sul Mare is not only a merchandiser. It's inhabitants LOVE ceramics. You see the shops on every step on the main street of the town, but if you take time for a short excursion, you will find real artworks of ceramics in the narrow streets, little squares and passages.

Go, go, don't be shy. Enter in every passage.
Romantic medieval town.
Beautiful ceramics ornaments.
Enjoy it!

26 March 2017

Best Foods in Amalfi and Sorrento, Italy

 There are many excellent foods in Campania and you will enjoy them every day of your vacation in Amalfi or Sorrento, but the best of them are surely those you can see on my photos.

No, you maybe do not like particularly cheeses, so as I did. In this post, I'll tell you one of the reasons I look for them when I visit these part of our region, now.

When the local inhabitants offer you a piece of cheese, you can be sure, it's the best of the best you can find in our too fast world today. These persons still live their traditional, ancestral style of life, cure their animals - sheeps and goats. These animals often live most part of the year on the mountains.

If you love trekking, you will meet them often during your walks. The best is that they even rest without their shepherd. No, they are not alone there. They live with and completly trust their guardians: dogs.

 You see the goats, maybe try to speak with them... suddenly arrives the boss! Here he is!

But the best arrives some moments later: there is an other/some dogs behind you!!! They work in a very good trained team where every member knows his/her place. Some of them are before the herd, some are behind it. And there are some dogs monitoring the situation from a high place! 

There are shepherds, too, but they can even leave the herd - they know the work will be done the best way! 

So, when you buy cheese, you can be sure, these animals did not eat industrial food, nothing bad or dangerous. Eat it! Enjoy it! It's surely the best quality food we can have today.

19 March 2017

How To Visit Vesuvius From Pompei

We live in a very good period for Pompei-Vesuvius visitors, now. Just for some years you can visit Vesuvius with numerous transports and there are so many houses open in Pompei!

Some years ago, I adviced always to the tourists to visit Ercolano. There was nothing to see in Pompei. Almost all the houses were closed. Now, after UNESCO promised to leave them without money, the governent thought good to open as many as possible. So, you have put enough to eat in your backpack (normally, there is water in Pompei - not always, but...) and begin your walk from the morning.

If you think to visit Vesuvius the same day, it's better to begin your day with Vesuvius (about 2,5 hours) and go in Pompei excavations after it.

If you have time and want to visit both Pompei and Ercolano (Herculaneum), you have to plan Vesuvius/Ercolano one day (2,5+2 hours) and Pompei the other day. Pompei has very large extention, there are many houses open now. So, you need time to go from one place to other, to visit every house or other place. If you have a guide who wants to walk with you all the day, it's better. At least you do not leave interesting peculiarities.

There are 3 types of buses going from the Circumvesuviana station to Vesuvius.
One is on the first photo (euro 14 or more),
second - on the second photo (euro 2,70).
There is a dark-green one (Busvia) (do not have a photo here). That transports you to the cratere from it's other side. About euro 20-22.


Before you enter the bus, ask How much time you have to visit cratere. Prefer those who says, you have 1,5 hour. It seems, they give you more time for the visit, now. But if you have only 40 minutes, you have to be as quick as possible to turn back to your bus.

If you come here with the intention to practice trekking, take your alpenstock with you on Vesuvius.

The best (more quick + euro 2,70 only) is that on the second photo.

18 March 2017

Fiumicino Airport and Leonardo Express from Roma Termini

 Fiumicino airport is the biggest in Rome and they have maybe most international flights there.

Said this, I want to warn you: never buy your tickets so that you have to go out and enter one hour later. The airport is long enough to go from one place to other and the queues could be very very long. Count at least 2 hours in this case.

Very comfortable is now the connection with the main railway station Roma Termini. There is a special Terminal for trains (green and red on my photos) and you can go not only in Rome but in Venice, for example, and other cities from there.

The train to Roma Termini has it's own name - Leonardo Express. It arrives on track 23-24. If you have not too much time and arrive in Roma Termini, you can choose the right direction. These are the last tracks on the left - if you arrive with a train.

The price of the ticket is euro 14 when I write this post. You can buy it on every path today. But if you think, you will have not too much time to "speak" with a ticket-machine, it's better to buy it online. You can do it with your cell, too.

If you want to purchase your ticket online, you have to write "Fiumicino airport" as a destination. I could not understand where, ..., is this train. If you write it in other way, you will never find this mistery station.

The bad in this airport is that they have ONLY ONE arrivals/departures panel per floor. It was so a week ago at least.

And there are infinite car rentals between the airport and railway station.

Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino from Airport to Railway Station

Fiumicino Airport on the right

Fiumicino Airport Railway Station with Leonardo Express on the left

Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino Airport Car Rentals

Fiumicino Airport Police Control 

17 March 2017

Time to Travel Campania! Spring is Finally Here!

With these oleanders of all possible colors, I wanted to begin my post about the spring. 

Oleanders for Tourists in Campania, Italy
We were not very fortunate this winter. Rain and winds continued without break this time. Only some sunny days - and rain and rain again. 

Some poore flowers appeared in february, but who could see them if it was impossible to go out...
But finally we are here: spring donates all of us it's free huges. To everybody....

Sorrento Coast, Italy

There are many pathes in Amalfi/Sorrento coast. Most of them are cured and have even better look than the normal ways. You can use mobile apps to find more paths, too. And to help you if you loose the direction. Personally, I love them: they can show you where the path is if you do not understand what to do now.

the Way to Torre dello Ziro, Amalfi
One of the Trekking Paths in Amalfi Coast
The other peculiarity of the climate is that you never have to belive this fantastic weather, this sun: the wind is cold and you have high chance to pass the rest of your vacation in bed if you do not think about it. It's the second most big problem of the tourists here: they have always cold. In winter they are too happy to expose everything they can to the sun, in summer they have cold because of abuse of air conditioning.

M. Vesuvius Seen From Sorrento Coast

Beautiful Rocks of Amalfi Coast
Why Amalfi/Sorrento coast is different from other places, specially for those who loves trekking, is that you can pass all the day to cross, to walk the mountains - and you will finish your day swimming in the warm, nice waters of the Thyrrenian Sea. You can find still bays everywhere. The water will be warm enough to swimm even in January there.

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