21 April 2017

How to Reach Positano in Amalfi Coast from Salerno, Italy

Visited Salerno yesterday and had to help a young couple to go to Positano.

If you do not know it, Positano is a little beautiful village, a nice dream of many persons. The problem is that is is situated in a very inaccessible place. Both from Naples/ Sorrento and from Salerno the way to reach it is complicated.
Here, in this post, I'll explain you how can you reach Positano from Salerno.

When you arrive in Salerno with a train and go out on the square of the railway station, you will see this:

the square of the railway station in Salerno

19 April 2017

Vietri Sul Mare - if You Arrived With a Train There

Amalfi Coast is caracterized by infinite stairways and it has to be hard to find the shortcuts, if you come for the first time there. You look for the roads and have to walk much more this way.

From the other side, not all persons feel comfortable to use stairs. Specially, if you have luggages with you...

I'll show you how to find stairways when you have to move on the Amalfi coast.

So, here we are arrived in Vietri Sul Mare with a train.
Personally, I've never seen this station (building) open, so I come there with a ticket that I purchase in an other place, always.

From the second track (Salerno direction) we have to go out where you see the cars on my first photo. You can go down long the car road, but there is a shortcut - stairscase just behind the cars.

17 April 2017

How To Reach Raito in Amalfi Coast or How to Travel in Train in Italy

Well, you are right and thanks to my visitors who are so interested in reading my blog of short travel advices that ask me for additional information.

Yes, the most easy way to reach Amalfi coast by earth is to take train or bus.
Trains come from Naples and Salerno, too. If you arrived with a train in Salerno, it's possible to continue with the train to Vietri Sul Mare/Amalfi Coast (it's the exact name of the station).
If you come from Naples, I suggest you to take a ferry. You will arrive at your destination faster. But it will cost much more than the "normal" way by train/bus.

How to Reach Raito, Amalfi or any Town of Amalfi Coast

1/ train from Naples to Vietri Sul Mare
2/ train to Salerno, than bus to Amalfi (the best)
3/ train to Salerno, than train to Vietri Sul Mare, than bus to Amalfi
4/ ferry both from Naples or Salerno

Very useful: You can download an app

16 April 2017

Raito - An Easy Path From Vietri Sul Mare To Cesar Spring

What can we do if we come for the vacation in Raito or in an other place of the Amalfitan Coast? The first and best solution is enjoy the nature, the pure air and the bathes in the warm sea. Well, it's not too warm in this period - about +16C°, but it's possible to swim, too.

Vietri Sul Mare, Amalfi Coast, Italy, central square

14 April 2017

Love Egypt, But Are Afraid To Go There? Here The Solution!

Egypt is one of the favolous places with the history and modern everyday life that calls us to visit it. Unfortunatelly, there are many problems and even government sites warn us to be very very careful when we desire to visit this country. The situation in all the world is not very reassuring and nobody wants to risk own life and health and that of our loved once, specially for some days of vacation.

Well, this post was inspired just by some warnings I read this morning.

Visit Egypt? YES!

In this case, in case you would like to visit Egypt, I can offer you a really great solution: you can go to visit this country where you will be accompained and protected by a friend. What can be better? Nothing!

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