03 December 2015

Christmas Photos as Decoration of a Website

This page will offer you somme nice and absolutely new photos for websites and blogs Christmas Photos as Decoration of a Website

Christmas decorations for my blogs and sites are very important for me because I "live" with my blogs, they are an important part of my existence. So, every time Christmas arrives with the thoughts about the new photos to adorn pages and articles, too. This time I decided to do it myself and offer to you different albums with beautiful and website friendly photos. This means: the same scene can be taken from different sides and have special places for the personification of the photo. You can add photo effects, words or frames for the photo, you can create collages with the photo of your loved ones - and be sure that it is not a photo that goes round for years and years. These are absolutely new collections and the scenery of the photos I made myself.

I hope you like my work and will enjoy the look of your website with my photos. I'll add more Christmas and New Year scenes in the next some days, so, I think, you will find something you like. For those who would like to buy 5 to 10 photos, there is a discount of 30%. Add Coupon Code MDMWONG30 and the system will add the discount to your purchase.

It's only for Christmas/ New Year Ideas collections.

30 November 2015

Amalfitan Coast – Winter Trekking

Amalfitan Coast – Winter Trekking

This is a post from my blog about my other hobby - photography. I wanted to share with all of you my trekking adventure of last Saturday: we arrived in Seiano with the train of Circumvesuviana at 9:00 and began to raise the mountains just from the railway station. It was very hard. We passed about 6 hours to ascend. There were all kinds of soils on our way: stairs, stones, simple paths etc. Fortunately, we did not meet slippery grounds.

After a short break to eat our sandwiches at 14:00 on the sunny side of Amalfitan coast, we continue our walk because we had not so much time before the day ends. We arrived in Meta when the sun was behind the mountains. It was hard, so much harder than I thought it will be! But we all were very happy.

Some more dates and curiosities about Amalfitan coast you will find in my post I mention here. For the photos I invite you to visit my 500px Portfolio and vote my photos. :-)

26 November 2015

Tyrrhenian Sea in Winter

Some days ago and had some minutes to visit the beach of the industrial zone of the city. The weather was not so bad as today, but winter is just here and we had anomalous November this year - very sunny.

I did some photos for my Photographer's Profile that you can see and vote (thank you) o share (!!!!! Thank you for your help!) than I had a great idea to register the voice of the winter sea. Once, I registered about 10 minutes summer sea video for relaxation - and now Tyrrhenian Sea in Winter. But only 1 minute this time. The wind was so hard that I had to flee.

Interesting is - you can see it better on the photos, maybe, how the clouds open space over Amalfi. Everything is black, all the Lattari mountains, but there, 30 kms far away, it's possible to see that they have a sunny day. :-) A sunny moment really.

So, if you think about a winter vacation in Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, it's not the best period this year. Wait some weeks. Normally, after one month of cold and rainy weather, we have very good Spring (for European standards :-))

16 November 2013

Sochi - Indian Summer of this Year

Sochi is not only the capital of the Olympic games this year. This city is the most desired summer destination in Russia. For it's excellent warm climate.

I like Sochi in early autumn. September and October are the best months in the year there. You can swimm, lay or sit on the beach without those unpleasant sensations of excessive hot. You can visit infinite beautiful and interesting places... You can do everything. The weather, Indian Summer, is really excellent in this period in Sochi.

Unfortunatelly, I was not very happy with the weatheer this year. The temperature was very good and the water was warm. But... all the period I was there, there were natural disasters there. Rain, hurricane, typhoons... The river you see on my photos went out from it's bed and the water covered the street. We could not went out from our house for 3 days because the door was clothed by the water. Many big trees fall down and it was unpossible to walk long the streets.

The workers began to saw the trees next day after the hurricane (it passed only in this part of the city) but they needed about a week to remove most of them. Here are some photos to show you how it was. One of the friends of my mother was stroke by a big branch when the hurrican was at the beginning and they were in the street. Fortunately, it fall down far enough from the head.

After I turned back in Italy, my mother said, the weather turnd to the normality.

20 June 2013

Flowers of Vesuvius

Vesuvius is a place where I pass relatively much time. I visit it with the tourists who come in Campania, a region in Italy, with cruises or on their own, and with a local group of excursionists.

It's not always easy for me. Specially when I have to drive and to tell stories to the tourists at the same time. The road is not the most direct in the world. With those returns every some meters. It is too narrow, too. And it means when you meet a bus, or, better, when one or some buses meet an other bus or a line of buses, the situation becomes very interesting.

Honestly, I hate to drive in such situations. I become so tired after this work!

Then, when you arrive on the parking place (I can't name it "square"), you have to climb about 500 meters till the crater of Vesuvius.

Not all of you know that Vesuvius has 2 craters. The large, Somma, has the diameter about 4 km and the Great Cone inside this first one, 500 m large. This is what all the tourists visit when go to Vesuvius.

I visited the inside crater with the excursionists on June, 9. Practically, it was the first sunny Sunday after many, many days of rains. The walk was so pleasant and incredible because flowers were everywhere. At the difference of all our gardens where the modern varieties flower all the year long, the plants in the nature follow the nature. So, you can see everything in flower only some days in a year. Here are some photos...

10 May 2013

Memories of Don Pedro de Toledo in Naples

One of the places I did not visit till the month ago is the part of Naples "dedicated" to don Pedro de Toledo, a viceroy, governed in Naples from 1532 to 1553. I learned some information about that period of the history of Naples but am still not very interested in it even if that period is very important from different points of view. First of all because it's bounded to an other name I'm very interested in: Ferrante (Ferdinando) Sanseverino, the last prince of Salerno. And their king, Emperor Charles V.

For this reason, I was very curious to visit the church San Giacomo degli Spagnoli where there is an exhibition of the pictures and other works of very important artists of that time like Vacarro, Giovanni da Nola etc. Here you can see some photos from that church with the sepulcher of the family (created for don Pedro but since he was dead far from Naples, there are his wife and son buried there).

24 April 2013

Phlegraean Fields at the Time of Odysseus

Phlegraean Fields, as you know, is a very interesting place not too far from Naples in Italy. It is characterized by great quantity of craters of sleeping volcanoes. 24 precisely visible from the space. This place is breathing -this "breast" goes up and down normally something about 2 cm a year. It's about the underground pressure. The phenomena has it's name: Bradyseism.

The name of this zone, Phlegraean Fields, means "burning fields". There are documents describing how was  this zone in the times when ancient Greeks visited it. They had seen literally burning zone because the volcanoes were alive at that period and there were different eruptions at the same time probably. Those eruptions had to be not so violent as the eruption of Vesuvius when it buried many Roman towns.

What the Greeks have seen at the time was, probably something like this:

The photo is of Naples some months ago. When the "Town of Science" was burned down. But, I think, the look had to be similar to the period of eruptions of the Phlegrean volcanoes.

08 April 2013

A Tradition Dating Back More than 300 Years in Japan

This is a feast I really would like to assist. I like fireworks very much and would like to assist the firework "concerts" all the times it's possible. I do not say about the desire of some persons to spend some time shooting. I say about the real concerts that it's possible to assist from time to time. Sincerely, a real concert I've seen only once. And it was not too far from our village. The artist created entire gardens of flowers that evening. We were in our car on the way when the show began. We stopped the car and went out to see that beauty. Some time later, we noticed that all the cars were parked and all the were looking in the sky. Imagine km-s of parked cars, hundreds of persons near them. All with the faces pointed in the sky.

I can't forget that night till today. It was the best fireworks show I've ever seen.

So, now finally I pass to the more than 300 years old tradition, Sumida River Fireworks Festival (hotels) that is organized on July, 27 this year. Interesting is to see how Japanese do it. They are at the origin of the feasts with fireworks and they have completely different way to imagine the show, so it would be very interesting to see how is it. I've seen some photos on dedicated sites and they were impressive. Here is the photo from  English Guide

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