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30 December 2010

Where Sirens Lived

The story about Odysseus (Odysseus That Sailes 10 Years Round Sicily) was interesting for me because Homer tells about the Thyrrenian sea and about the coast of Campania.

In fact, even if the heroe passed more time to sail round Sicily, he passed near Sirens, too. Sirens were very beautiful females with feathering. They chanted to attract with their voices the passing sailors and ate them.

Scientists wanted to understand where is the place they (Sirens) lived, precisely, and if this legend can be truth. One of the possible destinations is situated not far from Sorrento. The village has the name Sirenuse till today.

So, how was it possible to listen those special voices? As you see on my photo, the coast is rocky. Some places have very good acoustics. But it is unpossible to hear voices of the persons from the ships. Than, scientists noticed that the "chants" of the Mediterranean Monk Seals (one of the most endangered mammals in the world today) that were very numerous in antiquity here are loud enough to be heard from the ships. And so this is one of the possible explanations of the phenomena.

Кампания, Италия 

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25 December 2010

Winter in Moscow

Moscow is a city where I was different times but don't feel it as a place I know good enough. Moscow is too big to know it. Than, it changes very quickly. I found these very interesting photos that show the capital from very interesting point of view. Winter. Not too cold -it seems to me, because there is fog and the water in Moskwa-river is not frozen else. But there is snow on the streets. Beautiful...

Сиреневый туман...
«Сиреневый туман...» на Яндекс.Фотках

Декабрь в Москве
«Декабрь в Москве» на Яндекс.Фотках

Зимние сказки Москвы
«Зимние сказки Москвы» на Яндекс.Фотках

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21 December 2010

Sistine Chapel Panoramic View

This part of Sistine Chapel that is situating in Vatican's residence of the Pope is known evrywhere. Not all other pictures decorating maybe the most known chapel in the world, are as much fortunate as this picture is.

To allow all the people in the world to admire the masterpiece of Michelangelo, Vatican ordered it's panoramic view uploaded in an internet site. We often criticize church and do not think how many good things the priests do. This is one of such examples (if we think how much costs this work).

To enjoy the view, you can not only move the image right/ left but you can zoom every part with the wheel of your mouse too. Here is the link

By the way, I read somewhere about the restoration that allowed to discover:  the original figure in the center of the chapel (Anchestors of Christ) was nude. The later owners of the chapel were scandalized by this view and ordered to cloth the body.


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15 December 2010

Italy Means Good Food

In only few months, the weather will change it's cold side here, the sun will shine brightly and many persons will come in Italy to know it's treasures.

One of these treasures is the so called Mediterranean Diet.


About it, there is one sad thing to tell you. The UE wants to destroy natural and for this reason precious aliments  produced in Italy (and in other countries). They vote all the laws in favour of great industries and "kill" this way little producers. And you know how the industrial food is. Personally, I suffer allergy on all the industrian additives and have to use only natural aliments, so, all the persons like me suffer from such decisions of corrupt deputats in UE parlament.

Well, I began to told you about the unusual possibilities to visit Europe and Italy. I was very surprized to find many "gastronomic"  tours among the offers of different tour operators. I just told you about the quality of the local wines (Passion For Wines From Vesuvius and other posts about the tasting) and explained why the wines and other aliments from Vesuvius are so different. In that posts I told that all those little fabrics are possible to visit and not only taste and purchase what you like from their products, you can even help the owners to make their specialities: olive oil, as example. This kind of relax -stay in a farm- is very popular in Italy so that you can find many similar farms in every region of the country today.

Gourmet walk, wine & cheese tasting, pasta-making, chocolate enjoying (even chocolate & wine "spas" -you remember, I just wrote about them) -all this seems to be for warm time tourism... But invention of attractions does not finish here. The winter-tourists, specially ski-lovers are persons too.

So, they decided to satisfy all the skiing gourmets. The notice of 2 days ago tells about the ski "excursions" when the group visits 10 restaurants descending the mountains. They eat a little piece of speciality of the restaurant, continue their way, enter an other restaurant etc.

Дёминский марафон 2010.
«Дёминский марафон 2010.» на Яндекс.Фотках

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05 December 2010

Nepal: The Roof of the World

One of my friends, Peng Bo, scolded me that I write about all the countries except Nepal. I thought, he is right. I'm bounded in some ways with this country, through our Teachers, but there are not often notices about this country in the news and travel sites. I decided to give a look at the photos of Nepal in the Russian photos-site I use normally. Here what I found special -from my point of view.

When we think about Nepal, we imagine something like this:

Священная гора Мачапучаре
«Священная гора Мачапучаре» на Яндекс.Фотках

Did you notice the dimensions of the man and the mountains? You can feel like an ant near our 1130m high mountains. What has to feel a person there, in Himalaya? Like a grain of sand? One friend said me that it's very hard for many persons to stay there for the rarefied air. (I asked him if it's possible to stay there for a month or more.) So, if you have the interntion to go there, you have first try to stay ther some days, a normal touristic visit. Than, if everything was OK, you can rest for more time in this country.

Сердце Гималаев
«Сердце Гималаев» на Яндекс.Фотках

Строгие взгляды...
«Строгие взгляды...» на Яндекс.Фотках

But Nepal is a "normal" country too. The life in it's big cities, like the capital,  do not differ too much from that of all others in the world:

«Школьницы» на Яндекс.Фотках

What can you find there? You will not believe...
-8 from 10 highest mountains of the Earth.
-Not so little state as you imagine looking on the  map: it's bigger than Austria and Swiss together.
-the lost world of an antique Kingdom Mustang (Lo) with the pure Tibetan culture in it (this territory has to be partially clothed for visits till today, they say).
-To drink you have to buy water in bottles. It's forbidden to drink raw water. ( I thought, it has to be the best water there...)
-the main religion is... Guess... Hinduism. 90% There are only 5% of Buddhists.

There are interesting rules of behaviour for tourists but it's for the next post about Nepal.

24 November 2010

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17 November 2010

Alpine Paradise

Human being is done this strange way that we understand what we love only when we leave it. Somebody calls it nostalgie. And it's normally about the places we know very well, places where we were born, where we passed many years of our lives.

I did not know this feeling for many years till I begin to visit St Petersburg. It will seem not normal maybe, but I had my first nostalgie feeling for this city that I did not know too much, honestly. It was like obsession.

Many of us, who lives in central and northern parts of Europe, have a precise idea of Paradise: palms, sandy beaches, light breeze... I promote Caribbean cruises and learn much about this part of the world now, so, I have to confess, I acquired this other obsession myself, too: I dream about a cruise on Carnival Magic or Norwegian Epic...

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Or, contrary, we think that Paradise are those southern towns where we can walk near that warm sea under the (same :-(  ) palms...
Dreaming about an exotic destination? Booking Hotel before you leave is important to have serene vacation.

Горы Латтари С Набережной Салерно 

Only when we have to live far from our cold and not so shiny motherland for much time, we understand that the best and the most rich nature is there; that the best "palm" is a spruce; and that Baltic (etc) sea is not worse than southern seas. The sun is mild and not merciless. And the colors are more interesting there. Do you agree that the Paradise pictures are these in the bottom and not those over here?

07 November 2010

Bella Napoli

Napoli is a strange city. Probably, you could read reviews telling it's beautiful, others write it's terrible. I live here 15 years and visit the city from time to time but I don't love it. I said it in many occasions. And I was not right. I learned it Friday, when I had a meeting in a completely different Naples than I've seen before. Because there is Naples and Naples. Here is the reason of this definition.

Here I wait for the bus when I have to go to Naples, it's about 2 km from my house only.

We have to admit that all the capitals (at least those I could see in my life) have the same problems of overpopulation with the consequences of it. So, central parts of Naples, those most known by the tourists, are not the cleanest neither most beautiful.

Incredible, mmm? Click over to see it big.

As a habitual visitor of the central parts of the city, I could see only the worsest, the most dirty and dangerous places. This time I was invited to come in the place I've never seen before. I was really shocked. I did not wait to see Bella Napoli. Beautiful Naples.

Now, when they explained me where we were, I think, this street has to go down to the sea.

Now I know that Naples is not what you see near the central railway station. It's a decent city. Important is you know where to go. Girls said me, there are places where you can't even imagine to be in Naples -where it seems you are in one of the capitals of Northern Europe. They promised to show me it next time.

More posts about my last visit of Naples I'll publish in "Marvelous World of Travel", invite you to visit it next days and to leave me your precious comments that I love so much!

02 November 2010

Royal Palace. Incorporated

Наш музей -римские термы и дворец лонгобардовThis building (right) is the original Longobard royal palace built about 774AD.The corner you see here collapsed probably about 80 years after the palace was built and the discendants of Arechi II built an other residence. Interesting is not the fact that this is extremly rare example of the civic Longobard building but that the persons continue to live in the 2000 years old constructions. More. All Salerno is based on Roman foundation, and the houses were repaired and adopted to the modern uses all the time of existance of the towns, because persons continued to live always inside the town walls. You have to visit Naples to see really extreem solutions in this sense.

Today, I wanted to show you, how antiquity is discovered where nobody could imagine it.

If you walk in the Old Town of Salerno, you can see Roman columns here and there. I even took some shorts once but could not find them now. I always asked what are they doing here, those columns? And they said me: medieval persons liked beauty too and they put these columns here in the streets to make the town more beautiful.Everybody thinks so, probably. But the citizens of the towns were more practical. They did not do such hard work only to put something "beautiful" in their streets. There were reasons for every component. This concept (mine) was proved recently during the renovating of the wall of the house near the column that was near the ex-royal palace (right on the photo).

They found the arcades of the royal palace! From the documents was known that the actual church and excavation site were the end of the palace that continued in the direction of sea and was covered with the pieces of marble from the Roman villas so that it sparkled in the rays of the sun. Now, it's clear that the palace had these splendid arcades too. It had to be really beautiful. The envoy of Charlemage said in 787, he heard about the beauty of this palace but did not wait to see something similar. They said, this envoy was disguised Charlemage that wanted to see Salerno himself. In fact, Charlemage built than a similar palace for him -it is known that that palace was built later than that of Salerno.


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30 October 2010

Kiteboarding and Sandsurf

You read the title of my post and did not believe me? You are not right. Those are real activities that are offered to the visitors of the Dominican Republic.

Some of you, my dear friends, maybe thought that I forgot about blogging in the last period. But it's not so. I simply try to set on it's feet my web-based travel agency and have not only do too many new for me things, but I have to study too. Actually I study in 2 American universities and have just some achievements. I am a barcelor of Carnival Cruise Lines and Specialist of the Dominican Republic.

I would like to write here some words of the publicity and invite you to join my Newsletter (in the bottom) and to "LIKE" my Fan Page on Facebook, but I  want to tell you some interesting things about the Dominican Republic -especially because I've never write about this country in this blog. So, this is the first post about it.

Дубль 1
«Дубль 1» на Яндекс.Фотках

I fall in love with this place only reading aboout it, imagine what you can feel if you visit this island. White sand beaches... Yes, you look on the photo... But there are not only white beaches there. Coud you imagine yellow and... PINK sand beaches???

What about the infinite quantities of animals -fishes and birds included. Did you know that they have 300 species of birds (possible to observe)? Did you know that they have a meeting place of the humpback whales that stay some months there? And fishes? Wow, look at this photo


Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

History of the Columbus epoch, the very first street in the New World (and different other "very first" too). And Rum. You can taste it not only on every step you do there. You can even visit a factory that produces this drink.

Interesting is that those islands have 2 faces. One part of the islands is windy and rocky (from the side of Atlantic ocean) other side is calm and has those famous beaches. And if you think about the good weather all year round, you can imagine the fortunate population.

Люблю двоих
«Люблю двоих» на Яндекс.Фотках

Thanks to these differencies of the nature, they offer an incredibly variety of activities. I would waste your time and fall really in the publicity if I begin to post the full list of them here, but the most "strange" I just mentioned in the title. Some more? Off-roading, canyoning, spelunking. Want you guess what these words mean?

Well, maybe you've understood why I can't think other than Dominican Republic now. I thought, there is nothing that can attract me in such places, you know. I normally prefer Nordic parts of the world. But...

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14 October 2010

Versailles -Panoramic View

It is strange: why did I not visit France else? No, not France. I was in France in 1992 and 93, I think. There were border and customs between Italy and France in that period else, even if they were not very difficult to pass: I had not France visa and could not visit it but I did cheeky face, my friends "wanted to show" their passes to the border guards and they never controlled us. We visited Cote d'Azur, Monaco and Nice every day that year. But I never was in Paris.

I would like to see Versailles and Louvre, the castels of Loire... Well, maybe one day. Waiting for it we can enjoy a virtual visit. The link is in the bottom of this post.

Версальский парк
«Версальский парк» на Яндекс.Фотках

I would be very happy if you visit my blog "Marvelous World of Travel" and write me a comment there.

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07 October 2010

Egypt in Italy

There are 2 great loves in Italy: Egypt and Dinosaurus. Not that all the population suddenly loose the heads for themб but you see everywhere massive pubblicity just for years. Egypt-mania is created by editors, I think, after the books about Ramsete, and I did not notice the source of the Dinosaurus-mania.

Pubblicity aside, Italy has the second by it's importance museum of the Antique Egypt's history. The museum is situated in a narrow street in the center of Turin (I did not mke the photo more luminous to make you feel the "air"). The entrance is among those columns.

This museum is very big and you can see many interesting exhibits. I'll write about them in other posts. Now I want to show you only some general views.

The first room has nothing different from other museums

Even if you can see one burial place just after your first steps

The persons that organized this museum made it really different from many others. So, you can see the recreated tombs, even a pyramid!

But the best is surely this incredible room:


The impression was really incredible. It seemed to be there, in Egypt, among all these "alive" statues.

There are many places to visit in Turin but this museum is the "must to go" even if you don't like the antique history. By the way, if you pay the service, you can have an Egyptologist as a guide there!

30 September 2010

Look for a Tree when you Travel

What are you looking for when you travel? Palaces? Streets? Artworks? You make an error. You have to look for big trees to understand the very soul of the residents, of the people, of the country you visit.

It is interesting that after 2000 years of monotheism, after entire lives of atheistic education etc, we all remain pagans in that place of our souls where there are our roots. Tender relations with the big trees come from there.

Our ancestors believed that deities lived in the trees. Trees themselves were images of human virtues and negativities. It's clear that the conditions of the life were criterions for the choise of the tree -there were not palms in northen catolic countries, for example, and we use firtrees to replace them.

Central- and north-European populations thought the main forces populated crowns of the oaks. Those were King-trees. So, that mani royalities had oaks in their gardens. And the ribellious, when they wanted to hit their governors, kept going at their trees even in the modern times.

In the Middle Ages, the agressors took care to go in the most important for the country places like churches etc where, strangely enough, grew the big trees, to annihilate those trees.

Oak was center of the Universe, Ideal world, world itself.

Свидетель былых времён
«Свидетель былых времён» на Яндекс.Фотках

If the oak was personification of the power, manhood, strength, Pines were a kind of antenna, axis, connecting this world with that celestial. A symbol of ethernity (evergreen) and longevity. Pines were used for funeral fire.

В гордом одиночестве
«В гордом одиночестве» на Яндекс.Фотках

I omit other trees like birch, symbol of youth, spring and verginity, for not too mach place in a post, to pass to a personification of the bad (not negative) forces. Even for pagans "black and white" were only sides of entire fenomenon. Aspen. This tree's sawn end becomes blue and it signify death. And the deity of the death lived in the crown of this tree. That is why it was forbidden to hide under it. But it protected from evils of all kinds. Included insects (fen-cricket) that could destroy the gardens (making a fence from asp around it).

Даль туманная....
«Даль туманная....» на Яндекс.Фотках

Far from us cultures had similar behaviour. I did not find information about the deestruction of the trees of the enemies, maybe my friends from Asia coul help me with their tales. For Muslim, planting mulberry tree or plane tree was very appreciated by Allah action.

So, if you visit an other country, look what trees are venerated by the population to understand their soul.

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23 September 2010

Paris -panoramic photo

We have many fantasies about the world we can't reach. From our school years we know about the legendary cities, empires, events and rithuals that every good educated person has to visit, to see, to partecipate. The life passes and we are still here. We have not seen Paris, we have not drink beer during the Octoberfest in München, we did not climb Everest neither Mont Blanc... It's sad if we think about it from one side. Than, from other point of view, could you imagine that ALL those "good educated" persons climb Everest? What a mess would it be... Poor Everest. It's so good that not all those who dream about it could climb it...

When I begin to think about this unjustice of my destiny, I remember always my favourite German song that tells: my fiancee that's name is Marianne, wants to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, but I can't accept it because there is not beer there. Here is a nice video with the song. By the way, do you "dance" like Germans when you sing? I like it very much!

If you still want to visit Paris but have not this possibility, here is a nice panoramic photo of this city with splendid song accompaining it:
Paris, panoramic photo

18 September 2010

Visit of a Virtual Museum

Virtual entertainment is very popular now. That is why you can find more and more virtual museums today. In our zone that is not so big and important there are 2 of them, too.

The aim of these museums is to "transform" a visitor in somebody or something and to allow him to live the epoque this museum tells about. This is not my idea, those have to be words of the man that invented this entertainment.

Most parts of these museums are more or less big screens or sounds or other "special" effects. Like this:

This barrier from the pulverized water represents the burning cloud that covered the population of Pompei and Ercolano during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. I has some doubts to pass through it but I did not understand the matter at the moment. Only after the visit, when I read the explanations and looked my photos, I cuold appreciate the idea.

If you want to read the reportage about that visit I invite you to read my post How to Live the Eruption of Vesuvius of 79AD where you will find many photos.

As said, I visited both our virtual museums and do not like them. I have my PC to look at the screen all days long, I have a TV too. And the idea to watch an other video when I go out for a walk does not inspire me. I prefere to walk and to observe nature and creations of the humans without adding an other screen to my life.

The "classic" museums could not be too entertaining, yes, but if you want to create something really very interesting, you have to go in the museums in Finland where they have scenes from the life near the "normal" exposition.
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