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31 January 2011

Portofino -a Luxury Relax

Portofino is a kind of Paradise for those who looks for luxury relax in Italy. There are different places everybody knows they are from this level here: Capri as an other example. If Capri is more "alive" with it's 2 towns and some brethtaking sightseeings, Portofino seemed to me decisively more isolated from the life. The right place for those who is tired by the great crush of the cities.

Портофино, кусочек рая на земле
«Портофино, кусочек рая на земле» на Яндекс.Фотках

I was in Portofino when I came in Italy as a tourist, and it's about 20 years ago, there was this little village probably built to serve the owners of the villas over it (they tell about Roman origins). The village is lent to the rocks from one side and has a seafront where you can walk (about 300 m long, I think) and sit in one of the cafes.

You can come there with a car and leave it in a garage, too (as we did). Than you can have an excursion. Behind the houses, there is an antique street -very spectacular for those who likes such walks- and you can reach that villa over there (it was the municipality, if I remember it good).

Набережная Портофино
«Набережная Портофино» на Яндекс.Фотках

The little port was full of big and not too big yachts when we were there. People like to pass some time there.In fact, this port is not only isolated from the land but the only road of access is not always open for visitors, too. At least it was so when we were there.

From time to time Italy is shaked up by the stories that happen with the families living in the luxury villas in Portofino, and if you want to write a book, it's probably the best place where to pass a productive vacation. I assure, you will have many inspirational moments when you stay there.

Бухта Портофино
«Бухта Портофино» на Яндекс.Фотках

 If you want to visit Portofino as a tourist, the best decision is to come there with a cruise ship: one day stay is enough to explore the place. You have to choose luxury cruise lines because they have relatively little ships that can enter such little ports.

29 January 2011

Medieval Feast in Antique Benedictine Abbey

Benedictine Abbey of Cava dei Tirreni (not far from Salerno and very comfortable to reach from Naples) celebrates it's Millennium this year. This very interesting place I've just wrote before (Reinforce Your Spirituality in an Antique Monastery) has an interesting story to tell to those who likes Medieval Feasts and "alive" shows. In 1092, this monastery was visited by Pope Urban II who consecrated the church built by S.Alferio. Urban II together with duke Roger of Salerno and his court came to the monastery at feet.

Прибытие Урбана II в бенедиктинский монастырь

In the first weekend of September, today, you can assist a very interesting representation of this important for the Abbey event, when you can see all the residents of the village Corpo di Cava that was built to serve the necessities of monks and pilgrims showing not only the event but the style of live of the population at the time when Normanns ruled the region.

Прибытие Урбана II в бенедиктинский монастырь

Flag flyers show their art, trombonieri (trumpet players) and jugglers, and -clear- many many tasty things fruits of this earth.

Прибытие Урбана II в бенедиктинский монастырь

If you are interested to visit the Abbey, you can contact me ( or directly the guides of Badia (Abbey You can stay one day or more there or in one of the B&B-s or other structures of the zone. Write me and I'll help you to plan your trip in Italy.

The photos are kindly offered by the guides of Badia di Cava dei Tirreni.

18 January 2011

Herbal Teas in a Medieval Villa

Medieval towns in Italy try to re-new their images and to attract interest to them remembering antique traditions, costumes and times of their splendour. Salerno has an unique sign that was very significant for about a millennium, and it's the Salernitan Medical School, the first from the similar institutions in Europe. So, you can find a Virtual Museum of the Medical School and the Antique medical herbs' garden here.

You can read one of the articles I just wrote about it here Medieval Botanical Garden of Salerno /1. This garden has an interesting "attraction": you can ordine a special herbal tea in the tearoom...


And drink it then on the terrace of the antique villa, actually a part of the museum "I Giardini della Minerva", the Minerva Gardens, situated in the site of a real  medical herbs garden of XVI century.
The entrance in museum costs only euro 3. I had not time to ordine a tea when I visited it, so I can't tell you the prices here. But it's unpossible that it can be high.


Such a splendid suny winter day walk can assume an other glance with a cup of balmy tea, don't you think?

 Is your dream a visit of Italy? As a Travel Agent based in Italy, I can help you to make right choice of the places worth your attention. Travel in Italy will be much more interesting and informative if you know where to go, how much time you need for this or that visit, for transferts etc.
On the same page I've mentioned here, you can find everything you need to plan your trip: hotels, flights, car rentals and you can book even your cruise online.

10 January 2011

Christian Pilgrimage to Antique Abbey

Campania (a region) in Italy is an Island of Treasures for Christianity. You can find antique churches, abbeys, reperts coming from the first centuries of the existance of this religion. This year, one of the most antique monasteries, a Benedictine monastery of the Holy Trinity of Cava dei Tirreni not far from Salerno, celebrates it's Millennium.

This abbey was built by a Saint man, S. Alferio, in 1011, other 3 abbots are Saints, too, and 8 abbots of this monastery are Beatifyed. So reach was this Earth of Holy men (specially the first 3 centuries of the existance of the monastery), that the Papst Urban II wanted to walk till the abbey the way that so many Saint men touched with bare feet.

In the cave where the first monks lived is the marble altar with the relics of S. Alferio

A little cloister is so beautiful to take the breath literally. The antique architecture is clearly influenced by the oriental, arabic culture, that came here from Sicily, where the uncle of Salernitan Dukes ruled.

The underground churches and chapels were made with great love, and some frescs remain not only alive but look like new till today. It's an other miracle of this place.

Nobles made rich donations to be posted in the loculos under these churches to be near the relics of the Holy men. Posted -because there were not coffins or something else. Actually, their remains are burried for the hygiene of the place.

Today, everybody can visit the abbey, it's basilica, antique and underground parts. You have to come at 9 in the morning or call the guides to tell them the time when you will come there.

To organize your visit of Abbey or this zone, Campania or Italy, you can contact me ("Travel and Cruise Deals") and I will help you to make your vacation informative, interesting and unforgettable.

05 January 2011

Travel Destination: Scandinavia

What country do you think about when you say Scandinavia? Some of us will mention this or that country of the northern Europe, others say, it's about a historical term. You are not right. Scandinavia exists today, too. And it's about 3 countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Дания. Копенгаген.
«Дания. Копенгаген.» на Яндекс.Фотках

Well, sometimes they ask me: is Russian not the same as Ucrainian or Belosussian? Is Russia not the same as Ucraina or Belorus? Is Italian not the same as Spanish? And other similar questions. The question about Scandinavia is from the same category.

Norway trip
«Norway trip» на Яндекс.Фотках

These three are different and distinct countries that have similar cultural roots. That is why, if you visited only Denmark, you can't say you've seen ALL the Scandinavia. Because you have not seen the Geirangerfjord and other spectacular fjords (UNESCO World Heritage, by the way), you have not seen Skansen's Open-Air museum's festivals and feasts -and many other interesting places and events like the best preserved (in Europe) medieval Old Town in Stockholm, for example.

The best way to learn Northern  Europe is to book a Scandinavia and Russia cruise -really very best itinerary with the visits of the most important, beautiful and interesting ports.
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