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17 March 2008

A Whistle as Security Weapon

I wanted to finish this internet-day this evening, but suddenly found an incredibly article in Mail.ru. It's a little but very significant notice. I laugh else after I read it. So, decided to share it -to know if it's true too, because I have some friends-bloggers from Thailand.

Yes, it's about Thailand.

They say, the very popular beaches and places of interest in Thailand are dangerous for tourists, specially if they, tourists, are women, and more if they are women that travel alown. Not only because criminal situation in these places is not good, but all types of criminal organizations and their bosses like to relax there too. Mail.ru writes about too many tragic incidents with tourists in the last period (about a year).

After the next case on the island Phuket (Map from Wikipedia) when a Swede woman was killed, authorities decided to adopt resolute solution. Now every tourist-women visiting the Island Phuket will receive a whistle. The notice has to come from Thailand Tourist Ministry. I don't know to say you precisely when begins this security action. You have to inform before you leave.

Read what say about it
PK from Thailand: Phuket Advice in the comment to this post and here:
Hello! Not sure if the site could deliver message in russian. It's true about Sweden woman killed on beach recently. Anyway Phuket is one of the safest places on Earth because it's about 1 from a million chance to die there for tourist (4 deaths in this season: this poor woman + 3 men).
Thank you, Pavel for your collaboration!

«Ладно, Катюшка, согласен зонтик твой! Свисток хоть, подари! :-)))» на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. In this season there were 4 death of tourists during various criminal acts: Norwegian captain (killed during night robbery in mountains in center of island), white robber (during robbery attempt by yacht owner - misty story), missed then found dead old tourist in January (possible robbery attempt) and this poor woman in Saturday. Approximate amount of tourists on Phuket in this year - 5 millions. So chances to die on Phuket being a tourist are still slim - about one to million and only if you are walking alone in distant quiet places at night.

  2. Thank you very much, Pavel, for your help. I wanted to ask those who know what happens really because our mass-media sometimes seem to give "strange" information...

  3. Oh! Thailand, our neighbour. We can go to the biggest city in Southern Thailand in less than two hours by coach. It's a nice place really, but haven't been to Phuket yet.Some of my friends are going this May but I wasn't invited! Poor me!

  4. These friends are so bad???? FIRE them!!! They say, it's a wonderful land! -and they don't invite you!

    By the way, ask them to make some photos to write a post about.
    It's interestng to know truth, not inventions of journalists.

  5. Wasn't around when they made the plans. Already fired them anyway!

  6. :))) No, after they give you photos!

  7. I read in the papers that, you know the beach that got strucked by tsunami, is haunted.

  8. I had only general notice. I think, europeans, that want to go in the places with so different mentality and after so many problems, they have to understand they anr not in the center of Paris in front of police office...

  9. Yes Whistle can be a very Good weapon for safty. I saw many women in bangkok carry whistle in there bags.

    Very Good Information About Phuket, Thailand. I didn't know about This.
    Thanks for your Information.

  10. Happy to see you here, Tibet Arts. This information seemed interesting to me too. But I don't believe that it could be efficient.


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