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09 May 2008

How Have You Imagin A Man

In our museum in Salerno I've seen an other interesting thing when I read books about history of art.
Statue of Hermes Kriophoros that is in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. This statue was made in 520-510 BC. I wanted to find it in Internet and here it is. I found it in this site.

The photo is made not from the side I wanted to show you, but I could not find other. Look at the sheep in the hand of Hermes. It is so interesting! Why? Look at it's relaxed position. It seems to be a cat, not a rem.
Are you agree with me?

So, I loved this God, the god of flocks and herds. Soooo much I loved him, that I wanted to show to you, how much he loves animals...

But when I opened the page I found other pictures that represent the same god.
And I thought, it's an interesting mode to see the most important parts of the person. Look at these statues.

By the way. (I saw now the central person on the picture on the bottom here.)
There is a National Archeological Museum in Naples. And there is a "Hidden Gabinett" there. It is a place where there are all most incredble sorts of representations of this theme there. The kings collected them and had them hidden that women could not see them.
If you'll visit Naples, don't forget about it, you will discover manythings, you could never imagin in your life. I Bet.

To see the big pictures visit the site where I found them.


  1. Liudmilla, interesting mode indeed. This disproves the saying that a man's brain is not connected to some important parts of the body...

  2. ;)))

    Russians say that the throught is connected with feet(If you bath your feet, your throught packs up, if you "bath" your throught(with alcool), your feet pack up).
    Antient Greeks seem to find an other chanel in the human body as the picture shows.

    It would interesting to know, the Chinese medicine with it's meridians theory, was able to find these 2 chanels?

  3. In the old days many of the kings and royalty have many wives besides the official one which is the queen. May be they keep all the statue which they believe can help them……:-))

  4. The Europeans have so many Gods too? Nobody worship them anymore?

  5. This is a god from 6 century before Christ. But very modern if we look at him closer, infact, you see his wings on the shoes?

  6. It's very interesting thought, you know, Pak Maeh. Maybe you are perfectly right. Who knows if Sultan of Saudi Aravia has a such room? They sad, he came once in Soviet Union together with his 368 wives and needed a special airplain for them.


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