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07 November 2008

Sochi, Subtropical City In Russia

I began to tell you about my trip to Russia this year in my prevous post. The city where I was is one of the most known places because it situates in the only subtropical zone of Russia and everybody -specially the most rich of the country and the "serves of the nation" ( delegates, governors, ministers and similar) love to pass time there. There are villas for relax for presidents of the country, and Sochi will be the capital of the Olympic Games in 2014.

This has different bad sides for those who live there because the prices are often higher even as in Moscow. But the city is really very beautiful in any time and there are very good (and not too expensive) possibilities to cure the health in countless "sanatoriums" that use the most new and modern technologies.

There are not so many persons in this period (in autumn) and you can see it when you enter the room where you can buy train tickets. The railway staition is much more clean as the stations in Italy (even those of Moscow are more clean) and there are many policemen there and in the streets too. This gives you the sense of security surely.

Sochi has an incredible quantity of tourist attractions and the tour operators offer you all the tours practically on every step -in every important place in the central part of the town sitting in the street like this one. Trips are from 1-2 hours introductory walks to all-the-day-long trips (one of them I'll describe you next days)

There is not only railway station but touristic sea-port and airport in Adler (that is one part of the city) too. I think, the airport will be international and very great for Olympic games.

And here are the panoramic photos of Sochi I made from the tower of the aerial cableway in high part of Dendrarium (More about it in Animals As Friends)


  1. I wish I am in Sochi now. It looks like a great place.

  2. Specially the central part of the city is more similar to botanic garden as to a regular town.


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