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15 December 2008

When Is The Best Period To Visit Italy

One girl said me she wanted to come in Italy these days. I was surprized. November and December is not the best time to visit Italy. The weather is not good here in this period. It rains much. This year the rains began in the middle of Novembe and it rains without stop till today, more than 4 weeks. The earth is full of water and is very dangerous for mud flows. On the photo from Wikipedia you see river Tevere near Castel S. Angelo in it's normal situation. Now, watch this video how was it some days ago.

So, if you want to go in Italy, exclude November, December, July and August. Anyway, control the weather forcast.



  1. I suppose it does not snow there in Italy. The last time I was in Europe; I heard there is no snow for a long time. But I remember seeing snow in British comics during my school days.

  2. Here in our zone surely no. But if you go more north, there it snows every year. This year -my friend from north Italy called me today- the level of snow in Alps is so high that the villages are completely closed from other world now, she said.

  3. Me too would love to go to Italy soon maybe by March!
    Im sorry for not visititng lately , i had been busy with life and love.I hope you are well!
    Loads of love from kuala lumpur!

  4. Dear Azura, I'm happy for you! The most great in the life is when somebody is busy with life and love. There is not better notice to hear!


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