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08 June 2009

We Visited The Crater Of Vesuvius Too

This is the long photo reportage about our visit to the crater of Vesuvius. In my precedent post Vesuvius In Action I wrote some words more about this mountain. We continue the overview of the volcanos that I began some time ago (Active Volcanos and Fuji And Vesuvio).

We had to go up the mountain with the car till the quoter of 1000 meters where we could leave the car and pay the tcket.

Прогулка к кратеру Везувия

From that point we had to go at feet and the map says there is about 3800 m long path to walk. The path was surely not the best we've ever seen in the life. Specially we were with a little girl. But on our way we've seen very old persons, the persons with different health problems (till a broken leg!) that wanted to see the crater too.

Прогулка к кратеру Везувия

Near the crater you can continue to walk the same path and there are touristic guides you can follow (service include in the ticket).

Прогулка к кратеру Везувия

On the right side you see infinite world

Прогулка к кратеру Везувия

This is the right side of the same crater

Прогулка к кратеру Везувия

And this is the left side

Прогулка к кратеру Везувия

There were not smokes of other activities in that moment. The only "special effect" were the stones felt from the bord of the crater and we could hear sounds they created. My brother was very afraid and wanted to turn back home from there. I have to say you, my husband NEVER went there in all the life.
-And if the eruption beginns now???
-Well, it's good, we will dey all together in the same moment like in the fables, we joked.

Прогулка к кратеру Везувия

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  1. Seems to me, it's possile to reach the 1000 m quoter with a bus from Ercolano.

  2. Have read about Mt. Vesuvius in books.. this is a fascinating post.. :)

  3. Oh, I have been up a crater too! A post on that will come up pretty soon at Travel Pangs!

  4. Mmmm--- It will be very interesting!!!


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