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03 October 2009

Is It Posible To Plan A Trip With Iberia?

First of all I can answer the question: NEVER plan a trip with Iberia!!!!

About 3 months ago my husband asked me to see how much cost flights to Buenos Aires. He was born there and wants to visit his relatives. I opened some sites of low cost flights agencies and than companies and suddenly found a possibility to go in Argentine and to return with only 600 euros. If you know the prices, you understand that it was a great fortune for us.

One month later began something incredble: every 1-2 weeks we receive mails that the flight was cancelled and we have to contact Iberia to change the date of the flight. Today we received an other mail and it is the 4 (fourth!!!) change of the flight:


Stimato Cliente:

Le informiamo que per cause operative,il suo volo IB6845, MADRID EZEIZA del giorno ... ha modificado l'orario. La preghiamo di mettersi in contatto con noi. Grazie.

The most interesting in this story of changes is that we have to contact every time a paid number of telephon and to speak with a representative about 30 minutes-an hour to find the best solution of change.

Now the question is:

HOW MUCH will cost this flight if there are 2 month till the vacation else and if Iberia will change the flights every 2 weeks, for example?


I called Iberia paid Client service (14,26+20% per minute). Could you imagine what was the reason to obbligue me to call them? Sit hard on your chair. 

I had to call that PAID client service to know that they've changed



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  2. Thank you. I'll do it this days.

  3. Haven't heard of Iberia. I thought it is Siberia!

  4. ;0))) I would throu them in Siberia for 2-3 years without any connection with the world...


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