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27 November 2009

E-Ticket For The Next Flight

In one of my previous posts Is It Posible To Plan A Trip With Iberia? I began to tell you about the vacation my husband planned for next month. I can't know, if they read my post in Iberia but after that torture I described you, suddenly the things changed for the best. They changed the flights 2 times more, yes, but at least they did not obbligued me to call their paid client service. They understood, they can perfectly communicate me the non essential changes via e-mail.

Well, now the day of the departure is for the door. And there are some important things to remember. Passport and travel tax. I forgot them completely.
First of all we have to remember to control if the passport is valid. My god, do you think it's clear as the daylight? Yes, but not when your mind is full of problems: the last gifts, little things to buy, PC that does not work, gas and wood and ... Everything to repair, to control...
And if your flight is on Monday and you remember about passport and travel tax on Friday...

But I wanted to tell you about e-tickets.
It's the greatest invention of the era of internet, believe me. I remember those times, when I had to go in the capital to buy flight tickets for my vacations. There were terrible queues, I had to stay hours and hours, days and days there, to reach booking office.

Now I find the flight in internet, I book it. It's not necessary even to print the mail with the confirmation. I print it, but nobody asks for it in the airport. It's enough to show the passport. Great! The flight ticket is the confirmation of your payment. Nothing more. I really LOVE e-tickets.

The only thing you have to look carefuly is when you book your flight. Some companies do not accept e-tickets. And it's written near the information about the flight. So, if you have to receive your flight ticket by post, you need to book the flight at least a month before the day of departure!

And the last good thing of e-booking is e-checking. :0)))
It's possible to choose your place in the airplane sitting for your PC. It's important if you have preferences or your flight is long and you don't want to disturb the sleeping persons that sit near you, for example.

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