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28 July 2010

Control News Before you Live your House

Travel news are sometimes very important for those who wants to visit dangerous places of our world. Here are some last updates you have to know before you live your house.

Pilgrims to the Holy River Jordan where Jesus Christ was baptized could find the place of their pilgrimage closed from the Israelian part. The reason is the high pollution of the river with pesticides and industrial wastes and the possibility to meet swimming bombs and other explosive objects.

The river Jordan is on the 3 place among the most visiting Christian Holy places after the temple of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and Nativity church in Bethlehem and is visited by 100 ooo persons for christening every year.

Israele invested great sums to improve it's part of the river.

Discounted directions this summer
Different touristic paradises offer hard discounts this summer (reported in the news). All those who had strikes and disturbances: Greece, Thailand, Spain, Italy and Hainan

If you dreamed to visit corrida, you have to be in a hurry to book your trip. The Parlament of Catalonia decided to forbid it from 2012.

Because it was the great -if not the main- tourist attraction and the great industry for the region, they have to adopt something similar but without killing the animals, I think.


  1. good info on Catalonia. tx.

  2. Do you want to visit corrida? I would like to visit the jumps over the bulls better. I don't like to see that somebody tortures or kills animals.

  3. what a great post idea, a short weekly update would be so useful!

  4. Hi, Emily, I'm working to have it, and more informative. Hope to launch the project shortly.


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