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09 October 2011

Milan -Cathedral Trimmed with Lace

I was in Milan 2 days a week ago. It was a very busy trip but I had some hours free before I had to go home and decided to pass them exploring the terraces of the Dom. I was in Milan different times but I never had the possibility to visit it's interesting places. The only place I've just seen was right the Dome but it was under reconstruction in that period. So, this time I was sure I'll climb the stairs.

It was possible and there was a ticket -6 euro. But if you pay 10 euro, you can go there with the lift. Normally, there are 2 lifts as I understood. But one of them did not work. I spent more time to look wherer that lift is situating because it was from the other side of the building and I could not find it.

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Here are some photos of the terraces of the Dom:

Милан, Кафедральный Собор

Милан, Кафедральный Собор

Милан, Кафедральный Собор

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