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11 December 2011

A Particular Christmas Nativity Scene

One of the most important local traditions is to create Christmas Nativity scenes. They believe, it's a good omen to create and to visit them.

There are entire shops and even streets where they sell only Nativity scene's pieces. And different villages and associations organize alive Nativity scenes, too. It comes from the times of St. Francisc of Assisi who tryed to explain the Bible to the unalphabet persons this way.
I write about it every year so I'll not stop on it this time.

 The Feast of the Immaculate Conception I passed with a trekking association. We had an excellent walk from Sorrento to Massa Lubrense and back. Here you see the main square of Sorrento with the Christmas tree.

I like the new custom to place a syntetic Christmas tree in the towns. They do not use to kill the alive trees more. But what I wanted to tell you this time is an interesting Christmas Nativity scene that is organized as you see in a gorge where there were the mills in antiquity.
The scenes are real: the participants change their places every day and Gesus Christ appears in the crib only when He is just born. So, here you see only the beginning of the story.

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