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30 November 2012

Naples - One Image of Perfection

Naples is surely a place where you can find too many images of perfection. And it's not a fact that can surprise a visitor. Naples was always a capital and it's kings and other nobles were very rich. To give you an example, I can remember the story of the last prince of Salerno here. His name was Ferrante Sanseverino. And you will surely find much about his tragic fate.

Not only nobles and kings, - monasteries were very very rich, too. Well, they were populated by the same noble offsprings. There are different of that monasteries (closed, property of the state) in Naples and the region. I like to visit one of them, the S. Martin monastery.

Normally, there are stable expositions there, but I like to see them even often. For example, this church is a marvel, a marble carpet of incredible beauty.

the wooden "carpets" are not less precious. The colors of the wood are surprisingly different and the work of the artisans is so fine that you can't even imagine how could they do such fine inlays.

But than you go out and see the nature... The unbelievable beauty of this paradise on the Earth. The monks knew really good what means to be near the God, you think. Ohhh, I would like to be a monk in this monastery, you continue to think.

Who knows, maybe you will become a great poet just in this moment of intimacy with the Creator...


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