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29 January 2013

Which Dealer to Go to for a New Car?

There are literally hundreds of car dealers in Southern California, and if you’re like me, you ar e rarely in the market for a new car. Who can really afford a new one every year? Or even every two? I asked around, and I had a lot of friends who live near me who recommended a Nissan Dealer in Riverside . I went there and shopped around and was extremely pleased with the customer service and the attention I got from the salespeople. Believe it or not I even enjoyed the coffee!

 But I like to be diligent, so I also checked out the Nissan Dealer in Chino Hills. Also a fantastic experience, and one I would recommend for anyone. The salespeople let it be known that they were around, ready to help if I had any questions, but also not shoving paperwork in my grill saying buy buy buy, sign here, what are you waiting for. I did have questions and talked to a great, knowledgeable salesperson, who let me test drive a Sentra and an Altima, both in my price range.

 I was also happy to check out some of the Car Dealers In Pomona. They are nearby each other so it’s very manageable to do in one day. Basically, my advice is to visit a number of dealers and determine at which one you feel most comfortable. A lot can be said about the shopping experience as a way to determine if you should get a car somewhere. I mean, really, there’s no way to know what kind of car you are getting, so might as well go with a vehicle from a place where the people are nice and respectful. I found my experience at these three dealers to be very rewarding and I ended up going with a Sentra and I’m in love with it now!

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