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18 February 2013

Reggio Emilia in Italy: About the Hotel

When I wrote here about our preparations for a travel in Reggio Emilia, Italy, I promised you to tell about the hotel I booked with Booking.com.You will remember that I was surprised by the excellent client service of this hotel booking company.

We went in Reggio Emilia on Febr. 9 and left it on Feb.10 after we visited the ornithological exhibition organized there. It was the second time we were in this city but we had not possibility to walk there and to visit at least the main streets first time. We had not too much time now, too, but we wanted to have a good relaxation evening.

Our hotel was situated really in the center of the old town and even if we did not know the way to reach it, we arrived there without any problem. There were problems with the parking for our car because there was not place on the little square behind the cloister where the hotel has it's parking. If we would not able to find a place, we had to pay for the parking place. For our fortune, we found enough space for our car even if not in regular spaces but they said us in the reception, there is not problem, we can leave it there.

Next morning, all the square was free! So, all those cars the evening before were not of the hotel's guests!

We came in the hotel when it was just night. The room was warm enough, there was a kitchen with a fridge in the room. My husband was despairing for the TV that he could not turn on. He even went in the reception but they confirmed the fact: the TV does not work.

We decided to go out and enjoy an evening in the Old Town. 

Some days after we turned home, I received a mail from Booking.com where I was asked to write my opinion about the hotel we booked. And some days later that opinion was published Student's Hostel della Ghiara

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