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16 November 2013

Sochi - Indian Summer of this Year

Sochi is not only the capital of the Olympic games this year. This city is the most desired summer destination in Russia. For it's excellent warm climate.

I like Sochi in early autumn. September and October are the best months in the year there. You can swimm, lay or sit on the beach without those unpleasant sensations of excessive hot. You can visit infinite beautiful and interesting places... You can do everything. The weather, Indian Summer, is really excellent in this period in Sochi.

Unfortunatelly, I was not very happy with the weatheer this year. The temperature was very good and the water was warm. But... all the period I was there, there were natural disasters there. Rain, hurricane, typhoons... The river you see on my photos went out from it's bed and the water covered the street. We could not went out from our house for 3 days because the door was clothed by the water. Many big trees fall down and it was unpossible to walk long the streets.

The workers began to saw the trees next day after the hurricane (it passed only in this part of the city) but they needed about a week to remove most of them. Here are some photos to show you how it was. One of the friends of my mother was stroke by a big branch when the hurrican was at the beginning and they were in the street. Fortunately, it fall down far enough from the head.

After I turned back in Italy, my mother said, the weather turnd to the normality.

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