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29 May 2017

One or Two Hours in Rome, Italy

Is it possible to visit most important sightseeings of Rome in one-two hours?

You will not agree with me, probably, but if we do not use maximum of the situations the life presents us, we would never enjoy many pleasures. So, this is what happend to me many many times. Why?

I live in Italy for 22 years. And only last 10 of them I began to visit places I dreamd to see all my life. I never had time to rest some days in Rome or in other cities, but I passed them some times a year. It's impossoble to me to leave the house for more than 1-2 days and I always book my tickets so that I can turn back as soon as possible.

But one day I had to wait my second train for 2 hours in Rome. I bought a map of the city and studied the places I could visit in these 2 hours.

Rome, Italy, Termini Railway station

Later, I went different times for 1 day in Rome. I arrived in the morning and turned home in the evening. My itinerary I studied with the map and websites that list what to see. This way I could learn many places bounded to the Roman times and Early Middle Ages that are normally not listed in the tourist guides.

Rome, Italy,  view on the left from Termini Railway station
Rome, Italy,  view on the right with antique wall from Termini Railway station
We are afraid of the enormous historical and territorial dimensions of this city, but many places are very very close one to other. Here I'll show you what I could visit in about 1 hour. I walked from Roma Termini to Largo Argentina about 25 minutes and I visited one church (just in the middle of the way) in this time.
Here is the itinerary

Itinerary from Rome Termini to Largo Argentina

As you can see, it seems it's too long. But reality is very different: 25 minutes.
It was early in the morning, so everything was closed except one antique church clearly from the XI-XIII century.

Rome, Italy,  Bus Stop in front of Termini Railway station
I crossed the bus stop because I wanted to arrive in the ritrit place (I came for a ritrit this time) the shortest way. And it was early in the morning, as I said, but if you come later, you will surely find the Terme di Diocleziano (Roman Bath Complex) open and you can visit this museum that is on the right.

Terme di Diocleziano (Roman Bath Complex) Rome, Italy

Terme di Diocleziano (Roman Bath Complex) Rome, Italy

Terme di Diocleziano (Roman Bath Complex) Rome, Italy
I had to go left and turned into the via Nazionale that is between these two buildings in Piazza della Repubblica
These photos show you this square.
By the way, near the baths complex you can see an other antique church that I did not visit unfortunately. Next time.

Piazza della Repubblica, Rome Italy

Piazza della Repubblica, Rome Italy

Piazza della Repubblica, Rome Italy
Blogger does not like when I post too many photos in one article, so please click next post to continue this walk with me.

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