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29 July 2017

Free Private Bay in Amalfi Coast - It's Possible

If you like to have very special and "exotic" swimming experiences, you have to visit this very little "private bay" of Punta S. Elia. You have to cross the mountains from Sorrento to arrive there, and this is not very easy walk, but the path is very beautiful and you will remember it for many years.

From the other side, if you live in Sorrento during your vacation, you can go to Punta S.Elia at feet and it's perfectly free. :-)

Here you can see how are the prices of the accomodation in Sorrento in real time- Click the image below.
The path is very spectacular and there are different places of interest. If you go at feet, you will reach the bay after 3-4 hours of trekking. 
I think, you do not need other words. Look at these photos, watch the video and enjoy planning your vacation

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