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22 January 2009

...And Now Video About Pompei

I wrote different times about Pompei in the last weeks
... And Excavatins Of Pompei
Modern Pompei

Now I foud an interesting video about the antique town and hope it will be interesting for you too. Many things you see in this documentary are not in Pompei actually, they are in different museums.

When you visit excavations you have to go there with a guide because it is not so interesting when you don't understand what you see. If it is not possible to pay a guide that works in the excavation because they are very expensive often as in Pompei where it's a business, you have to read something about it. History is very interesting when you understand what is in front of you.


  1. I only know that an emperor was playing a harp or some musical instrument when pompei burnt. Nothing more. Is there really something left after the fire?

  2. Dear Footiam, it was in Rome and the emperor's name was Nerone. But seems it is only bad advertising, this story, told by persons that did not love Nerone.

    In this video there are corps of the persons dead in the moment when the burning gas covered them. Nobody could chant or something else there.


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