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31 January 2009

The Castel Of Salerno

Medieval Castles are very important tourist attractions in Europe. Some of them are "natural", built really by medieval people to protect their territory, others, built in the last decades of Middle Ages and later, were only expensive toys of their owners. I wrote some posts about castles in our zone like Castles of Campania, Castles (2) and mentioned them in other posts.

Here I want to say some words about the castel of Salerno. More photos you can find here A sunny day in Salerno. This castel was a real permanent defensive work with roots in Roman and maybe earlier times. The old town is just under it, at the foot of the hill, as you see on the photo. We know that there was only one case when the castel was conquered. It happend after 6 months of normann blockade because water finished in the castel. And it signed the end of Longobard possession in Italy.

Only once the owners tryed to organize their residence in the castel but did not like that life and went down in the town.


  1. Castles are beautiful; yes - it would be nice to spend a night there!

  2. And if the bad ghosts come to visit you when sleeping there?

    This castle is only a museum now, but I think there are some persons day and night there.

  3. beautiful pictures.
    I have visited Milano , padova and venice in Italy. I should go south also.

  4. The late Rev. Abihinyana says ghosts are just trapped in our world. Just ask them to go away nicely!

  5. Ahhh! That is why you are not afraid by the idea! You know how to speak with them!


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