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16 August 2009

Dreaming About Myrtle Beach

We wanted to go to the ocean in this vacation and my husband looked for the Myrtle Beach Accomodation because his friend told him much about this place. After some days dedicated to research and study of the offers we decided to book a room in "The Horizon at 77th", a newly opened hotel in a tranquil but central part of the Myrtle Beach. It is clear that we looked first of all for affordable rates and were very content to find really special solution.

All Myrtle Beach Accomodations provide good ocean view here and every condominium has over-sized balcony. So we will have our breackfast there, we dreamed, and than we will go down to the ocean and walk and run on the beach and the waves will touch our feet. And than late in the night we will go to bed listening to the voices of the ocean. My God, what can be more relaxing as this! We looked at the numerous photos of the sunrises and sunsets posted in the site of our hotel and could not think more other than about this vacation.

Myrtle Beach Hotels have an other peculiarity: they are situated in a place where is possible to assist infinite important events of cultural life. We discovered that we can book tickets directly online from the site of "The Horizon at 77th" and we booked a package of golf courses too. Now we have every day of our vacation full of events. Will we have time to sit on our balcony and enjoy the voice of the ocean?

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