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07 August 2009

The Types Of Castels

My dream is to make a tour in France visiting the most important castels. Like this for example. There are special tours, I know because I had (and have maybe) a book dedicated to them.

We spoke about the castles in our museum last time. Did you know that there are different types of castles? Many castles of France are residential. They were built in the period when the life was calm, the nobles were rich, the central government was powerful to allow this rich life.

Well, I don't speak here about the castles that were built only to create a place similar to a fable.

In Italy, the life never was too calm and too rich. That is why most castles were built to defend the territory here. I never was in UK but they say there is the same more or less.
You can see castles in our zone if you open these my posts
They were rarely used as residences. Imagine that near the villages Mercato San Severino-Castel San Giorgio there are about 15 castels!!!!

This photo from Wikipedia is of the castel Carcassone-vignes in France.

And this is chateau Chamboard, in France, too. The difference is clear without comments, I think.

The last type of the castel is a "realized fable". Some persons want to possess in reality such a castel that they imagine it after reading fables. The most famous example of it you can see in this post The Fable Castel To Visit

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