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04 December 2009

The Power Of Attraction Of Waterfalls


In my previous post Devil's Throat in Iguazu Falls I began to tell you about the waterfalls on the river Iguazu in Argentina (and Brazil).

When I read about this trip of a friend of my husband, I thought, the humans surely are attracted by great water and falling water. Turn back to read about my trip to the Cascades of Emerald Valley I described in a serie of posts a year ago. You can see the long and breathtaking bridges that connect different levels and places where you can enjoy the entire complex. A guide told us these places are full of tourists all summer. They come there to stay days and days in the "plates" of water under every waterfall.

Now, I see similar constructions on the photos here. Imagine, they have to be longer and more numerous as those of that little waterfalls in Caucasus (but not so romantic sure). I did not understand if it's possible to swimm under Iguazu falls too. Well, they are so large and high... Probably not. It would be dangerous, I think.

In any case you see there are crowds of tourists.
Who knows, maybe humans, like elefants, have acquatic ancestors too...




  1. interesting findings. in fact, i just attended a wedding, and the guys set to me been here, he said it's fantastic and highly recommend everyone to cover south america. he spend 4 days at iguazu area.

    now am tempted. ehehhee....

  2. Ahhh 4 days I would stay in such a place too. And more.
    Wait my other posts about these falls. I have a great collection of photos (in mails). You will surely leave eveything and fly in Argentina. ;0)
    And maybe I'll do it later too.

  3. Wow. Nice pictures of the falls. Very tempting. Anyway, good job on the blog. Very interesting!


  4. It would be interesting to visit those places

  5. Thank you, Gerard. Glad to see you here.

  6. Michael, it's my great wish to visit the most high and the most big waterfalls too.

  7. Argentina...
    Dear Liudmila:
    Iguazú is an amaizing place in the top of Argentina. I agree with you: Green, exotic, full of energy and water !
    Saddenly, the services and the flights are more expensive every day.

  8. It's true, you are right, surely. But there are possibilities to spend less. At least with flights. This year, my husband paid 600 euros the ticket. It's relatively good price for this flight.


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