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08 December 2009

Salto San Martin On Iguazu

Водопады на Игуацу

I continue to present you the photos of the falls on Iguazu river in Argentine. The first 2 posts,
The Power Of Attraction Of Waterfalls
Devil's Throat in Iguazu Falls,
were about the biggest of them and general information. This time I will tell you about an other of the falls, salto San Martin.

By the way, I forgot about the map. The National park of the Iguazu river is situated on the highest part of the "horn" of the top, right side. I just said you, the park had excellent organization for the tourists. You can not only walk near and over the river. There is a possibility to near the falls on the boats too. If you like this sort of experiences, you have to visit them in summer, I think. Except this, it's possible to practice water sports and climbing.

If you are interested to know everything about existing waterfalls, you can open "World Waterfall Database". There you will find the langest falls "complex" is on Mekong River in Laos (10 km contro 2,7 of Iguazu) and the highest seems to be Salto Angel in Venezuela (979 m contro 80 of Iguazu).

Водопады на Игуацу


  1. It is really an amazing place.

  2. It would be great to pass their in the boot...

  3. It would be interesting to visit those places

  4. Oh yes, hope it will be possible for me next year.


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