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21 December 2010

Sistine Chapel Panoramic View

This part of Sistine Chapel that is situating in Vatican's residence of the Pope is known evrywhere. Not all other pictures decorating maybe the most known chapel in the world, are as much fortunate as this picture is.

To allow all the people in the world to admire the masterpiece of Michelangelo, Vatican ordered it's panoramic view uploaded in an internet site. We often criticize church and do not think how many good things the priests do. This is one of such examples (if we think how much costs this work).

To enjoy the view, you can not only move the image right/ left but you can zoom every part with the wheel of your mouse too. Here is the link

By the way, I read somewhere about the restoration that allowed to discover:  the original figure in the center of the chapel (Anchestors of Christ) was nude. The later owners of the chapel were scandalized by this view and ordered to cloth the body.


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  1. italy the best country, to me, nothing is ever wrong with italy when it comes to history and sites.

  2. You are rught, lily, Italy is maybe the greatest "illusion" of the population of this world. Probably, Roman Empire was the greatest Empire ever. ;-))


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