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30 December 2010

Where Sirens Lived

The story about Odysseus (Odysseus That Sailes 10 Years Round Sicily) was interesting for me because Homer tells about the Thyrrenian sea and about the coast of Campania.

In fact, even if the heroe passed more time to sail round Sicily, he passed near Sirens, too. Sirens were very beautiful females with feathering. They chanted to attract with their voices the passing sailors and ate them.

Scientists wanted to understand where is the place they (Sirens) lived, precisely, and if this legend can be truth. One of the possible destinations is situated not far from Sorrento. The village has the name Sirenuse till today.

So, how was it possible to listen those special voices? As you see on my photo, the coast is rocky. Some places have very good acoustics. But it is unpossible to hear voices of the persons from the ships. Than, scientists noticed that the "chants" of the Mediterranean Monk Seals (one of the most endangered mammals in the world today) that were very numerous in antiquity here are loud enough to be heard from the ships. And so this is one of the possible explanations of the phenomena.

Кампания, Италия 

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  1. You are kidding me right, I've been to Sorrento. If I were to know! Gee!... Thanks for the info. Have blessed New Year.

  2. Hi, Lily, happy to have you here this day, thank you for visiting me even the last day of the year when everybody is so busy to have a feast.

    I'm very glad that I could remember you such a pleasant travel Hope you will have the posssibility to visit it more times in the future!


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