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09 January 2010

Russian Orthodox Church In Buenos Aires

Русский Храм В Аргентине

It may be, you will not belive me, but my husband found a Russian orthodox church in Buenos Aires. The relatively old church, built in 1904 and adorned with icons and mosaics sent there by zar Nicholas II and Zarina Alexandra is situated in a beautiful park Lezama (or nearby).

Русский Храм В Аргентине

This is a classical look of the Russian churches. They are built this way at least from X-th century. What I liked when I was in Russia last time, the modern churches have the same architecture. I see many modern Catholic churches here, in Italy. As for me, I would never pay the architects for such humiliations of the House of God. THEIR God, of those architects. A photo and my thoughts about it you can read in my post about the modern churches too.

Fortunatelly, Russian Orthodox Church as institution did not arrive at this point and their Houses of God continue to enjoy the eyes of the persons.

Русский Храм В Аргентине


  1. wow! its beautiful! if i happen to be there, would def look it up.

    btw, happy new year.

  2. Thank you, Lily!

    :-) I just said, some other posts and I'll leave everything and go in Buenos Aires. So, we are now two with you to go there. ;-)))


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