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09 January 2010

Tango In The Streets

I heard so much about persons dancing tango in the streets of Buenos Aires, and asked my husband to go in that parts of the city, where is it possible to film them. But he is unbearable. "No, I did not go there because you've said me I have not to look at other women". Ohhhh!!! I wanted to kill him!!!

I like folk dances. You will remember maybe my posts about dances of different nations -I will surely continue this collection).

Dances in the streets are surely not onlty Argentinian custom. During St. Patriks days we danced in the streets of Turin, for example. It was exciting. I like it!!!

I found these 2 videos in You Tube and hope you will enjoy the music and the brave dancers.


  1. we were conquered by Portugis, Dutch, British and Japanese...

    one cultural dance you must see is the Portugese-Eurasian called Jingli Nona.

    and since our northern region is border with thailand, then there's fuse of makyong dance.

    the east malaysia will fuse in with the aborogines, we have semazau etc etc....

    we have arab fuse dance called zapin.

    the one where dancer will go in trance.... so they say.... will be kuda kepang and ulek mayang.

    we have more ofcos...unable to list it down...

  2. Oh thank you Lily very much! I will surely explore the dances you mentioned here and write in my blogs about them. I just learned about one I read about in your blog Kecak dance! Very interesting!

  3. It's nice to have tango in the streets but it would be nicer to be able to tango yourself.

  4. Eeeehhh... It would be nice, sure... But I think, it's steps are difficult.


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