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06 April 2010

The Panama Dream Vacation

One of my friends dreamed to visit Panama all her life. Nobody could find a reason for this strange desire but it was the only destination of a travel for her. One day she told us, she spoke with an American about tourism once, and he said her, Panama is the best country of the continent, beautiful and fantastic. There is all you can imagine for an unforgettable vacation.

Chose one of the best Panama hotels for her stay there, my friend began to explore this paradise for tourists. Since there are different landscapes -high mountains and deep valleys, it's possible to meet great variety of exotic birds and animals
there. Special tours allow everybody who likes the nature to enjoy bird watching and wild life. You surely can understand the delight of my friend, when she visited than a little archipelago where known pirates of the XVII century had their base. She did not find the treasures of tose pirates but was in ecstasies to touch the soil related to their history (as for me, to the well known movies).

The most interesting shopping, she said, was near the Panama Canal. It's because there is all the world got together. There were museums and historical buildings to visit too, but she preferred to make tours in the national parks and to enjoy sun and water on the beaches. It could sound strange but there are different national parks in Panama and in one of them the tourists can participate at the life of the Indians. There is even a dormant volcano in one of the parks and it is Panamas highest peak.

Oh, those white sandy beaches, a sweet dream of every citizen of the Europe! Imagine that the water is 24°C all the year round there! Unfortunately my friend had not so many days of vacation, wanted to visit everything possible and could enjoy beaches only some times. At the end of her vacation she was so fortunate to participate on one of the folk festivals that take place some times a year. The vacation in Panama was fantastic.

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