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31 May 2010

Curious News About Tourists

Reading news abut tourism I found some of them very curious.

UK. A 29 years old woman took sun on the beach in Brighton. She was with her baby and left him all the day under the rays of the sun. Other persons told her to cover the boy but she did not understand them. Her neighbours called police when they saw vesicles on the skin of the baby. They say, it's probably the baby will not survive.

Ibiza. A group of young British tourists came in their hotel after they drunk somewhere. One of them decided to jump in the pool of the hotel situating under the windows of their room directly from the window. He missed the pool landing on the grass 3 meters far from it. The meditians try to save his life.

Milano, Italy

India. The government of India declared that many tourists do not want to turn home when thier visa expire. India does not extend visas. But they do not have the "black list" of the transgressors, they say. Probably, India has irresistible attractions to prefer it to other countries. -Mmmm... Do you believe in it?

Swiss. Tourists from Germany (specially) like to walk through the valleys of the Swiss (canton Appelzell Innerrhoden) wearing only backpacks and shoes. The residents that are very religious and conservative do not understand this behaviour. But the court of law acquited one of the tourists.

Italy. The "tourist tax" of euro 41 for those Italians who wants to visit non European countries was not enough to save the economy. So, the government seems to introduce a new touristic tax for those who decide to visit Rome. They will pay about euro 10 for every night in the capital.


  1. :-))) One is better than other. And you thought, you are the curious tourist.

  2. First, a tax on tourism, then exit visas. So Europe is gradually transformed into a sovok.
    People want to stay in India because there is really very cheap life. You can rent off a one-room apartment in Moscow and the money lavishly - by local standards - live in India.

    Сначала налог на туризм, потом выездные визы. Так вот Европа потихоньку превращается в совок.
    В Индии хотят остаться потому что там реально очень дешёвая жизнь. Можно сдавать однокомнатную квартиру в Москве и на эти деньги роскошно - по местным меркам - жить в Индии.

  3. И правда. Мне уже один немец говорил, на моё удивление, как они умудряются постоянно ездить в Тибет, что приезжают в Европу, зарабатывают пару тысяч евров и обратно едут. Но я тогда не докумекала...


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