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14 May 2010

Heraldry Helps Me to Date the Restoration in Salerno

There are news in volunteer's activity in Salerno. The municipality opened the "throne room" of our site for some days. I took my photo-camera to snapped photos but the girls wanted to play with it and changed the settings. I noticed the bad quality of the photos when I came home but that room was closed the same day and I can't take better photos, unfortunatelly. So, with my excuses I offer you what I have with the hope, they will open that room once.


This is the S.Anna's chapel in the open part of the site. There are 2 frescos made by Filippo Pennino. We said, the chapel was build about 1720.

The next photo is of the picture in the actually closed upper room. There are arms in the corners of this picture. They belong to the Pignatelli family. They managed this room together with an other noble family of Salerno.


This is the photo of the arms that are picted on the canvas over here and carved on the marble altars. It tells, the "owner" was a cardinal/ archbishop devoted to the cause of the church and he was from Pignatelli family. The only archbishop of Salerno from Pignatelli served the church from 1783 till 1794 there.


From other side, Filippo Pennino worked in other places in 1720 and 1750. So, as for me, we can attribute precise date to both picture and frescos.

What do you think I'm interested in now? I snap photos of every arms I found in Salerno and everywhere I happen. :0))) Maybe I'll have enough dates to write an interesting report about it one day.

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