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31 January 2011

Portofino -a Luxury Relax

Portofino is a kind of Paradise for those who looks for luxury relax in Italy. There are different places everybody knows they are from this level here: Capri as an other example. If Capri is more "alive" with it's 2 towns and some brethtaking sightseeings, Portofino seemed to me decisively more isolated from the life. The right place for those who is tired by the great crush of the cities.

Портофино, кусочек рая на земле
«Портофино, кусочек рая на земле» на Яндекс.Фотках

I was in Portofino when I came in Italy as a tourist, and it's about 20 years ago, there was this little village probably built to serve the owners of the villas over it (they tell about Roman origins). The village is lent to the rocks from one side and has a seafront where you can walk (about 300 m long, I think) and sit in one of the cafes.

You can come there with a car and leave it in a garage, too (as we did). Than you can have an excursion. Behind the houses, there is an antique street -very spectacular for those who likes such walks- and you can reach that villa over there (it was the municipality, if I remember it good).

Набережная Портофино
«Набережная Портофино» на Яндекс.Фотках

The little port was full of big and not too big yachts when we were there. People like to pass some time there.In fact, this port is not only isolated from the land but the only road of access is not always open for visitors, too. At least it was so when we were there.

From time to time Italy is shaked up by the stories that happen with the families living in the luxury villas in Portofino, and if you want to write a book, it's probably the best place where to pass a productive vacation. I assure, you will have many inspirational moments when you stay there.

Бухта Портофино
«Бухта Портофино» на Яндекс.Фотках

 If you want to visit Portofino as a tourist, the best decision is to come there with a cruise ship: one day stay is enough to explore the place. You have to choose luxury cruise lines because they have relatively little ships that can enter such little ports.


  1. i went right to sorrento but did not manage to sail to capri. sigh... i was hoping to visit here so much

  2. I visited Capri with my friends once. It's a lovely place for one day visit. There are very beautiful villages, ruins of the Roman Palace (they tell Tiberius liked to live there) and there are some sightseeings like the road to Anacapri from Marina that goes over the sea, a cave with azure waters -personal bath of Tiberius and some more. It's really worth the visit. Very nice. When you come here next time, call me, I'll guide you through the best places of Campania.


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