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29 January 2011

Medieval Feast in Antique Benedictine Abbey

Benedictine Abbey of Cava dei Tirreni (not far from Salerno and very comfortable to reach from Naples) celebrates it's Millennium this year. This very interesting place I've just wrote before (Reinforce Your Spirituality in an Antique Monastery) has an interesting story to tell to those who likes Medieval Feasts and "alive" shows. In 1092, this monastery was visited by Pope Urban II who consecrated the church built by S.Alferio. Urban II together with duke Roger of Salerno and his court came to the monastery at feet.

Прибытие Урбана II в бенедиктинский монастырь

In the first weekend of September, today, you can assist a very interesting representation of this important for the Abbey event, when you can see all the residents of the village Corpo di Cava that was built to serve the necessities of monks and pilgrims showing not only the event but the style of live of the population at the time when Normanns ruled the region.

Прибытие Урбана II в бенедиктинский монастырь

Flag flyers show their art, trombonieri (trumpet players) and jugglers, and -clear- many many tasty things fruits of this earth.

Прибытие Урбана II в бенедиктинский монастырь

If you are interested to visit the Abbey, you can contact me (liudmila-@hotmail.it) or directly the guides of Badia (Abbey -www.badiadicava.it). You can stay one day or more there or in one of the B&B-s or other structures of the zone. Write me and I'll help you to plan your trip in Italy.

The photos are kindly offered by the guides of Badia di Cava dei Tirreni.


  1. The pictures look like they come from a history book. It is medieval all right!

  2. definitely going to save the info here, if given a chance to visit there. i might give it a try

  3. I think, they used history bboks to create them, Footiam, and seems did them really good. The problem is (I think so) that knowbody knows about this feast.

  4. Lily, come to me in september, we will go together there. I did not know about this show too.

  5. Liudmila

    This is as real as it gets !
    I have always wondered how it
    feels like living in medieval
    times where the Popes reigned
    and ladies and knights roamed
    the lands. :)

    There would be much fun and
    gaiety with harp music in the
    air and beautiful sceneries in
    the background :)

    No doubt it would be an interesting
    experience ....

  6. The real life was not so romantic as we think, I guess, but the modern medieval feasts are surely interesting to see, to partecipate. I was not at this feast a year ago, but the feast of this yeasr, Millennium of the Abbey, will be spectacular.


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