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09 February 2011

Immersed in Ancient Life: Greeks in Italy

The last week was difficult for me because I was ill. But I decided to take advantage of some suny days we had and went in Paestum.

Paestum is an excavation site not too far from Salerno (about 40 minutes of train) where you can see 3 of Greek temples and some interesting rests of the roman town. Than, there is a museum where you can see many original pieces of the cultures from 40000 years ago till Roman times. Very interesting. If you know what you have to look at.

The 2 temples on the photo are from Vi and V centuries BC. And here is the third of them that is situated far enough and is dedicated to an other deity. This one is from V century. BC, clear.

In this post I want to show you some greek vases. It's something simply incredible, the quality of the pictures!

Here is the rape of Europe (by the way, I've seen dufferent representations of this event but there was no one where Europe showed her disappointment about this crime :0)))

Most tourists do not look at the pictures on the vases. They go away and leave the juice of the exposition. Because these pictures represent the life of those persons. I went in Paestum this time with intention to photograph the pictures to show them to you. So, that you can enjoy it with me.

This is a picture on the vase that was given to the woman for her marriage. I think, the picture shows the moment when the woman was prepared for the cerimony. The most interesting is that these vases were found in the tombs too. So, the woman had to take this "marriage vase" with her in the life after the death.

What has to represent this picture I don't know. What surprised me here were the hairs of the man. Not only all the characters of the vase are blond (?????) but the man has this strange long hair. It was not comfortable to have long hair in the battle, I think, because the ancient fighters used them (on the pictures) to take the enemy. So, why this long hair?

Here is the proof of my doubts

Finally, to have this post not too long (more about Paestum I'll write in my blog "Marvelous World of Travel") I want to show you an other picture from the vase to attract your attention to the vases when you will visit a museum next time.
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