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08 February 2011

Monaco, Monte Carlo -one of the Most Beautiful Places in Europe

For many years I thought, Monaco is the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life.

We traveled with my friends in Liguria and because they have a flat not far from Ventimilia, we visited the not too far situating towns and other interesting places. It was vvery interesting because the French part of the coast was much more illuminated and there was life all the night, there. This way we reached Monaco one of the days.

The road we came in Monaco was high enough, and we could see all the town. Ther is not so much soil between the mountains and the sea, and the buildings grow in high into the air there. And all the amenities like gardens and pools that all "normal" houses have on the ground, were on the roofs there.

Монако, Монте-Карло
«Монако, Монте-Карло» на Яндекс.Фотках

In the little harbour there was an interesting entertaining: you could sail with a little yacht that had glass bottom so that the tourists could see the underwater life of the harbour. But the cost of one ticket was 300 Francs (I don't remember the currency) and we were 4 persons, so we decided to leave this idea.

Монако, Монте-Карло
«Монако, Монте-Карло» на Яндекс.Фотках

We went in the old town where is situating the Palace of the Prince. The square was empty (maybe we came too early, I don't remember now) and we decided to walk there. We found a garden on the rock over the sea. Somebody said us that there is a prison just under our feet there. The prisoners could see only sea from the windows of their cells. Nearby was the Institute of the Oceanography which head was Jacques-Yves Cousteau in that period. We loved to watch his documentaries and felt honoured to stay near the place he worked in (even if he surely was in sea).

Монако, Монте-Карло
«Монако, Монте-Карло» на Яндекс.Фотках

It was clear that the old town was the residential area of the rich families. All the houses that seemed to come from XVIII-XIX centuries were very beautiful.

Монако, Монте-Карло
«Монако, Монте-Карло» на Яндекс.Фотках

In the evening we visited the square of the famous casino where we found different enormous cars that I've never seen from that time more. There were women clothed with long evening dresses, too. But not only these persons, everything there was very beautiful. We entered the building just to see that some persons came to visit theater, others went to casino. Tourists are not allowed in such places. So, we went out.

After that, we walked some steps and found "American casino" opened for everybody. We entered it, too. It was only touristic visit, nothing more. A week before, an other friend of this family left a big sum there. She lived 5 days there and passed all the evenings in this casino to prove that all the stories about the money that persons leave there are not true. Well, she proved it. ;-)))

It was night when we left Monte Carlo. And I could never forget it's beauty.
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