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12 November 2011

Impressive Mountains

Sud Apennine mountains are very low if we look at them from the part where I live, between Salerno and Naples. They are similar to the hills more than to the mountains. You begin to understand that you are near the mountains when you travel on sud of Salerno. Here you can admire them and the frequent clouds over them, too. It's clear thet the tops of the moountain chains are much more clod than the plains but you understand it when you see the town on the beach caressed by the sunshine and treatening clouds that cover all the area only 4-5 km fare from there.

We were in Battipaglia and Eboli some days ago and I was amazed by the view of the mountains over Salerno how they present from that part. (and the clouds, as you see, do not delude me -I've told you the truth :-) )


But these mountains are very different from Vesuvius, for example, that is formed from the volcanic rock. Here you can see the layers from that our Earth is built. Sometimes they are calm as on this photo, other times they are broken violently. It makes a strange impression: you can see that terrible event with your own eyes if you have some imagination.


The mountains in our zone and in all Campania are not too high, but don't think they are old, low, tired. First of all, they arrive to 1800 (almost...) meter near Avellino and to the south of Salerno. And there are splendid stalactitic grotto there, too!

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