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22 November 2011

Italy: Interesting and Unexplored

Italy offers not only beautiful places to visit. There are many and frequent manifestations and exhibitions where you can learn practically anything here, too.

Some days ago I visited one of them, dedicated to the archaeological tourism. They said, it was the last of these manifestations (XIV) and I could not miss it since I am working as a travel agent, as you know.

I wanted to know people that will tell abut their lands. It was very interesting for me. Unfortunatelly, there were not representatives from north Italy but in any case, I could have a great tour of the large part of the country.

Вся Италия

I took everything I could that was exposed there (every tour operator took books and brochures to give to those who is interested in), and now I have half of the house covered with that brochures that I have to systematize. It will be useful not only to answer the questions of the persons that ask me what and where they can visit in Italy. It is very interesting for me, too. Because I love to visit interesting places and to explore this country.

It's very often that I can't find enough information about this or that city or national, archaeological park or something other. I don't like to go somewhere and to discover after the visit that I did not see the main, the most interesting part of it. If I go somewhere, I go to learn the country, to discover it's importance, not to say than to my friends and relatives that "I was there".  It's senseless and too expensive way to throw time and money, you know.

Well, now, when I accumulated all that treasure, I will study these brochures and will organize absolutely unforgettable travels for me and for my clients. And I've just seen some veeery veeeery ... :-)))

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