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05 April 2012

Byzantine Art in Campania

Where would you go to see byzantine art?
You are right: in Italy, in Campania. :-)))
There are many interesting XI centurie's frescs here. Most of these frescs are very fragmentary and can only give you only a taste. You are interested, you understand that the church was completly covered with the paintings. But you can't even imagin HOW could it be.

Sant Angelo in Formis

Campania allows you to visit a completely covered with the original Medieval paintingschurch. This church is unicum. There are only some churches that preserve their medieval look in Italy. One of them is the basilica in Sant Angelo in Formis not too far from Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

Sant Angelo in Formis

where you can see New and Old Testament painted on the walls of the church. The population was not more literate in the early Medieval times and that is why the prists had to explain the Bible using the pictures.

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