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25 April 2012

To Visit in Sorrento

I have to prepare an itinerary for a visit of Sorrento, a little but very beautiful town not too far from Naples (47 km). It will be not the first visit for me, contrary, I go there relatively often: with trekking group, with my friends... Even if I continue to not like the coast for it's terrible traffic and road, I can't deny it's incredible beauty. So, I click to listen to the song and look at the photos of the places to visit this time.

This is the general picture of Sorrento: it's the place where you can meet sea and Vesuvius. The first part of my next itinerary will be the main square.


The Mills' valley, actually covered to create the square, will be accessible when the restructure of the old town wall will be finished. Now, only a very little partt of the town wall is visible.


It's unpossible to avoid the picturesque fishers' village


Narrow medieval streets wiil guide me to the belvedere of the town



I will visit the basilica of the most adorable Saint of Sorrento, it's protector and protector of all peninsula, S. Antonino


Cathedral will be the next point


After that, the next to see is the port where the cruise ships' guests arrive.


So, this will be the circle I'll do in the town. About an hour, I think. 

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