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01 June 2012

Rich Roman Villas Near Pompei

The most known place of Campania is surely the excavation of Pompei. It's very interesting but not the only example of the roman settling in this fertile and beautiful region. Imperors and all the rich citizens built their villas here: to relax and to use healing air, water and mud. Here I want to tell you some words about one of these villas.

The photos are from the villas of Castellammare di Stabia.

This first is enormous. You see the biggest garden with an "olympic" pool. All around it were many ambiences -for the owners and guests and for the servants, too.

The view from an other villa can show you why they wanted to build their villas in this place. Imagne that there were not houses in front of the villa. This space was occupied by the sea at the Roman times.

Beautiful frescs and other ornaments are still here on their places even if some of them were destroyed by "archeologists" of the Borbons.

Some examples of the original splendor is possible to see on the walls. The modern restorers wanted to show us how could it be when the owners lived there.

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