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11 June 2012

We Visited Vesuvius with a Bus

Vesuvius is one of the most visited places in the world. Legendary past and tremendous future (scientist promise that the next eruption will be in the next years and, about a week ago, there were 3 degrees shakes not too far from here, about 50-70 km-s from Gulf of Naples. We, who lives here do not think too much about it now. We remember that Vesuvius is dangerous but... there are natural "enemies" in every place of our planet.

Yesterday, I was with the tourists on Vesuvius. It's possible to visit the crater. This summer the possibilities to reach it are different. First is a car -private or taxi; second are busses that start from Pompei, Ercolano (Herculaneum) and Naples. The cost of the ticket is 10 euros. Next is the ecological Mercedes bus wich cost is 20 euros.

We decided to go with a normal bus from Ercolano. We wanted to visit the excavations of Ercolano after it and it's unpossible to change the bus 'I mean to come from Pompei and to go down in Ercolano.

The road is spectacular specially because all the plants flower in this period.

We were very fortunate because the weather was good and we could see all Sorrentine coast and Capri from one side

and Naples with all the islands on the other part.

The bus waits an hour and a half, so you can see the crater and the panorama from Vesuvius. I just wrote about Vesuvius in this blog, so you can write this word in the blog search tool over here and read other posts, too.

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