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21 March 2013

Architecture of Rajasthan

This blog is about the places all over the world I would like to visit. If I will not have the possibility to do it in this life, I'm sure, I will do it in my next life. Sometimes I think, I have to imagine me as a woman-bird. Do you remember those birds like late images of Sirens on the Greek vases. Even if the normal human body as this statue left looks better for me...

So, I like imagine me as a Siren flying far far, round the world and visiting all the most incredible creations of the human beings. One of the first places would be India. I heard about it's incredible palaces and gardens from my childhood.

Now, I found different forts' and palaces' names and wanted to see if I can read some more about them to feel myself like a Siren flying over them. Kumbhalgarh Fort (XV cent), Chittorgarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort (hotels in Jodhpur), Pink City of Jaipur.

This is Mehrangarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Chittorgarh Fort

Hawa Mahal Palace in Jaipur

Very beautiful and incredible architecture of this last one is great attraction, but as a Siren, I would prefer the first one, Mehrangarh Fort, specially because I like the human stories about every place I visit. And, in those few texts I read before I write this post, I've just found some of them. One about a man which was immured alive in the basement of the fort. They say, raja promised him his family will have special treatment for always. Imagine, the family still lives there! Voluntarily immured... I can't understand it, you know... the mental state of such persons.

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