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07 March 2013

We Visited Vesuvius in March

If you think to visit Campania in Italy this year, you have to remember the crisis and be ready to pay more than a year ago for example. Even if I think, the constant - sometimes two-three times a season - increase of the prices of the most important tourist objects are absolutely unjustified. It's absurd when the exaggerations of the governors have to be paid by the persons who appreciate history, culture etc.

The best option to go to the crater of Vesuvius is surely a car. There are bus from Ercolano and Pompei but they give you only one hour to arrive to the crater and to turn back to the bus stop.The problem is that one hour is not enough for a calm walk. So, you have to run up and down. Specially, if you have children or persons which are not very quick. 

Vesuvius, for about a year, I think, had not smokes. This time, there were many of them on all the walls. My tourists were afraid. They asked me if it means that Vesuvius will erupt now. No, do not be afraid! Much time before the eruption begins seismic activity. It's impossible that the eruption begins from one moment to other.

We had a little girl with us and she did not want to go around the crater. And the mother remained with her. Sometimes, children are very persevering. But I admire the parents which travel with their children.

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