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09 June 2008

Mausoleum of Gens Numisia

First part Roman Necropolis Of Nocera Superiore

So, I began to tell you about Necropolis of Pizzone in Nocera Superiore. This second post is about one of the families that lived in that town.

Gens Numisia, so far I found in internet, was an etruscan family. There are their burial places in Pompei (that town ws 2 times more little as Nuceria) and not far from Latina. There is even a sort of vine that has their name. This family had to be very important in Nuceria because they built this enormous mausoleum 12 meters in diameter that was inspired by the mausoleum of Augustus in Rome.
On this photo (down) you see how big it is when you are near it.
We wanted to enter inside the monument and... I was surprized because I could not imagine what I will see inside. Only a very narrow corridor, about 1,5 meter large circular place in center of the building with 8 little niches for cinerary urns and 2 buriing signs in the other end of the corridor.

I did not understand the why of this enormous building. Maybe the archaeologists could not understand it too, because they tryed to open the wall but there is nothing as the wall there.

3 part Mausoleums Of Gens Cornelia And Gens Lutatia

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